Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More Votes!

All right!! we have 4 more people sending in their votes. The first is Kristie:

Harry Potter (which pains me that you've made me choose between my two favorite series so quickly. blast!)
Artemis Fowl
Matt Christopher
Percy Jackson
The Chronicles of Narnia
Charlie Bone

Thanks, Kristie! The next three are from our friends at the Guys Read Blog. There's Koko B. Ware:

Game 1: Harry
Game 2: Artemis
Game 3: Star wars
Game 4: Jack sparrow
Game 1: Lightning
Game 2: Eragon
Game 3: Charlie
Game 4: Gregor
Awesome Idea
from Koko .B Ware Guysread

And Ricky zee Dragon:

For game 1: Harry potter
For game 2: Artemis fowl
For game 3: Matt Christopher
For game 4: Jack sparrow
For game 1: Lightning thief all the way.
For game 2: Eragon
For game 3: Charlie brown
For game 4: Gregor the Overlander
A 3rd vote from guys read!!!!

And Andre the Giant:

Game 1: I would hope that the Dark Materials Trilogy will win, mark 1 for me. But Harry Potter will win mainly because people are very prejudiced on the Dark Materials Trilogy.
Game 2: I think and hope Artemis Fowl will win, because no one likes Captain Underpants anymore.
Game 3: I hope the Matt Cristopher books will win, but I think it'll be a close call.
Game 4: I think and hope the Jack Sparrow books will win because, the movies are extremely popular.
Game 1(right): I think the Percy Jackson series will dominate, only because Rick Riordan is such a talented author.Game 2(right): I hope the Narnia books will win because they are classics.
Game 3(right): I'm going for Beet, because I enjoy different tastes of genres.
Game 4(right): I'm going for the Spiderwick only because I have not heard about Gregor the Overlander.
Another vote from Guys Read!

Good work, everyone! Tomorrow ends the first round, so we'll tabulate the results and tell you which books go on to the next round. (by the way, we printed some paper brackets here at the library which people have filled out, so what you see aren't all the votes!)
Thanks, you all. You make this fun.

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