Friday, April 18, 2008

And the Champion is.......................

Why does Carl keep telling people I'm sick when he knows that sometimes my Sith work sometimes causes unavoidable delays!!!!!!!! What happened this time you ask(please ask)? Well I was working late Wednesday when all of a sudden I was surprised by an unannounced guest.

Me sensing through the force the presence of danger!! Notice how cool I react (well, sorta, um kinda?).

And what was I faced with? Look at the following picture only if you have a very strong stomach and are very brave!!!!!!!!!

The Sinister Sith Squirrel with No Name that attacked Carl just the other day (somehow he found out that Carl was not me and I was me; it's a long story so see my post on 4/15/08 for full details).

Well we battled Wednesday night and throughout Thursday from one side of the galaxy to the other. Finally both bloodied and bruised we called a temporary truce to let our wounds heal. His parting words were that the Lagomorph was not finished with me and neither was he with No Name.

So here I sit wounded most grievously but posting all the same (people tell me all the time I'm one heck of a guy, well sometimes, actually hardly ever).

And now for something completely different:

Well the game has been played and the timer run down!!!!

Now to announce the winner of the Boys Rule Boys Read Book Series Tournament:

(drum roll please, rat-a-tat,tat,

The Harry Potter Series defeats The Chronicles of Narnia with the final score being 11 to 5!!!!!!

The Winner:

The Harry Potter Series!!!!!!

and The Runner Up:

The Chronicles of Narnia

Wow, that was an exciting contest with Narnia and Harry fighting there way to the final round!!! But as the saying from the Highlander movie goes: "There can only be one." (Although all the books in the competition are great and should be given a look at to see if you like them.) The one this go round is The Harry Potter Series; who knows about next year???????

Now for the Final Leader Board Results (those with 12 points or more with the top three winning prizes as promised; although I want to remind everyone out there that if you read you are a winner anyway and always):

1) Coming from way back in the pack to score 34 points (with 3 upset points and shooting eight 3 pointers in the last round!!!!!) to finish in first place on the Leader Board: The Mysterious Anonymous!!!!!!

2) Just being hedged out from the first place position to finish second with 29 points (with 3 upset points and shooting five 3 pointers in the last round) the Mighty Cyber Kid!!!!!!!

3) Finishing in third with a strong showing of 25 points (with 18 upset points and shooting four 3 pointers in the last round) is the Crafty Carl M!!!!!!!

4) Finishing in fourth with a very respectable showing of 17 points (with 11 upset points and shooting two 3 pointers in the last round) is the Quotable Melanie!!!!!!

5) Coming in fifth with a very nice showing of 14 points (with 0 upset points and shooting one 3 pointer in the final round) is the No-Nonsense Mona!!!!!

6) Finishing just behind Mona with a great showing of 13 points (with 16 upset points and shooting one 3 pointer in the final round) is the Savage Stephen!!!!!!!

Now it is time for 2 very special announcements!!!!!!!!!

1) In addition to the prizes to be given to the top three finishers, all those who finished in the top six will also receive special prizes.

2) For everyone who shot a 3 pointer we will give prizes to also.

Now for all to claim their prizes:

If you cannot get by ImaginOn, please give us your address so we can send you your prize. That's it!!!!!! Hope you all had fun, I know I did, and remember anyone who reads and tries their best, is a Winner in our book!!!!!!

Peace all,

Bill & Carl

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Anonymous said...

I humbly say.....YEA!!!!! My family and I love to read.

As a treat and reward for doing well in school so far this year, I'm coming to see "School House Rock". I'll stop by then, but I don't promise to reveal my true identity.