Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Back From the Beach

And, man, did I have a good time! North Myrtle Beach is a really cool and fun place. How fun is it? Check this out: This place is so much fun that the food seasons itself! And no one cares what you look like:
Of course, there is always some one trying to spoil the fun. The evil Sith Emperor sent his Killer Seagulls after me...
...but look, I'm not afraid. Even as they swooped in to attack, I stood firm and laughed in the face of danger because I had my secret inter-dimensional, ultra-sonic, hyper-phasic weapon handy......in other words, I had some leftover french fries to throw them.

Well, enough of this. I did get to finish the second Barnstormers book before I left and it was fantastic!!! It's called Game 2: The River City and continues the story from Game 1: Porkopolis (see the post from March 20) The Payne family has moved from to Louisville, Kentucky, the River City with their baseball team, the Travelin' Nine, to play another exhibiton game and raise money. Strange things start happening again in the middle of the game, but the Payne kids realize that those weird things are connected with their father's baseball, which really is magic. If they learn to use the ball, the team could win. Can they do it? And why does their Uncle Owen tell them to "Beware the Chancellor" and "Don't let him find out about the baseball"? Could it have something to do with the "great danger" he warned them about? And why do mysterious people suddenly appear and then are gone when the kids try to talk to them? Mystery, suspense, sports, magic--this book has it all!! Go read it!!

There's some exciting things to tell you about the March Madness of Books contest, but I'm too busy right to write about it now.
Stay tuned, keep writing, and send in those 3-pointers!

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