Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's Raining Three Pointers!

Hey, everyone, Anonymous has sent us enough three-pointers to put Tyler Hansbrough and Stephen Curry to shame:

Oops! What I meant was that ANY team who actually beats the MIGHTY TARHEELS in BASKETBALL has to be very good. Not just any team can do that! That is pretty obvious. Now when you talk about BASEBALL .......

Now you asked for a book review. Okay, here are several.First,Eulalia - Brian Jacques. This is the 19th book in the Redwall series. I think badgers are COOL! I really like reading Mr. Jacques books if a badger is featured, like in Lord Brocktree.This new book tells the story of Gorath, a young badger, who goes from being taken prisoner, by the evil fox Vizka Longtooth and his crew of sea rats, to becoming the new leader of the rock island, Salamandestron, home of badgers and the fighting hares of the Long Patrol. As with other books in the Redwall series you can expect to find lots of action and lessons in friendships.

I'm a big fan of everything pirate ever since the first Captain Jack movie. I just finished reading about the actor who brought us Captain Jack, Johnny Depp. This is a book in the Blue Banner Biography series. The author is Kathleen Tracy. The book starts off talking about who else, Captain Jack. Then talks about Johnny Depp's life growing up and how he became an Actor's Actor. At the end of the book his films are listed and other books and articles written about him.
Finally, getting back to Redwall, if you want to read a COOL graphic novel that has been written about another already written book, "Redwall: The Graphic Novel" is GREAT! The pictures tell a story that doesn't really need many words.
So there you go. three reviews.

SWISH!! That's 3 three-pointers in a row! Great job, Anonymous. This should put you in first place. Gotta be careful, though--you never know who's running up the court behind you!! Just like the real championship game, the score can change in a moment. And it's often because of the three-pointers! So let's hear it! MAKE SOME NOISE! SEND IN YOUR REVIEWS! You have until 9:00 pm on Wednesday, the 16th.

BTW, Anonymous, who's your favorite baseball team? And have you checked out the Barnstormers series?
PPS--Thanks for defending the great Tarheels!

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