Tuesday, April 8, 2008


First, let me give a shout-out to the University of Memphis Tigers for making it all the way to the championship and almost winning. U of M was my old school and I'm really happy for them, although it was a tough loss. Hold your heads high, boys, you played well all season and set a record of 38 wins in a season. None's ever done that before!

Speaking of championships, Bill is compiling the results of our Final Four and will soon post the names of the books that will square off for the championship. May the best series win!!!

And now---Yes, I'm excited! And with good reason--today is April 8. That means there is less than one month until The Battle of the Labyrinth, the new Percy Jackson book, comes out!!! The release date is May 6---less than 30 days from now!! Are any of you out there as excited as I am? I've got my copy on hold at the library (naturally) and I'm # 6 on the hold list. That means I should get within a couple of days of May 6, if not on that very day!! Wooohooo!!

Here's a trailer about the new book:

Here's an extra video treat. Do you remember in The Sea of Monsters when Annabeth asked Percy, "You do know the story of Jason and the Argonauts, don't you?" and Percy replied, 'Sure, that old movie with the clay skeletons" (and Annabeth said,"Oh, Percy, you're hopeless")--well, here's that clip from that movie showing Jason and his fellow heroes fighting the skeleton army after the bad guy sowed the dragon's teeth :

This is a terrific movie! Go search your videostore and find it. (Look for the old 1963 version) The PLCMC library system does have one copy on DVD!

Waiting (somewhat) patiently,


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