Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fianl Four Madness!!

Hey, gang, we've got some exciting things going on with the March Madness contest. We received the prizes today from UNCC. As you know, one of them is an autographed T-shirt from the UNCC 49'ers Men's Basketball team. Here's a picture from the front:

And here's the back with all the autographs:

Another prize is the autographed poster:
I know, the autographs are hard to see because of the light reflecting on the poster, but, trust me, they really are there. I've seen them. The other prize is a paperback copy of your choice of any one of the books there were featured in this tournament.

Soooo---Bill and I were grateful to the good people at UNCC for donating this cool stuff but we looked at that shirt. I had asked for a boy's medium size T-shirt but then we realized that if an older guy won the contest, why, that shirt might not fit!!! Soooo---Bill and I decided to change the way we'll give the prizes. Here's the new awards:

First Place Winner will get to choose between the T-shirt, poster, or book.

Second Place Winner will choose between the two items left and

Third Place Winner will get the remaining prize.

All right? We apologize if this causes any major trauma or heartbreak to anyone, but we're trying to be as fair as possible. And if you've really got your sights set on a particular prize, then make sure you vote AND send in some reviews!! Every one you send gets you 3 points!!! So, the more you send, the better your chances!!!OK??? Let's hear it!! Remember, you have until 9:00 pm on Monday, April 7 to get those votes and reviews in!!! Just Do It!!

Speaking of voting, here is our first vote for the Final Four. It's from our friend Anonymous:

Here are two picks!

Harry Potter

Chronicles of Narnia

This has been fun! : )!

Yes, it has been fun and we're looking forward to even more fun!!

By the way, have you seen that our friends at the Guys Read blog are doing a March Madness tournament of their own? Take a look. You might even want to vote. I did. Go back and look at the posts from last week. I made a shocking confession in their comments section. I'd tell you what it is, but it's dinner time and I'm hungry! So I'm gone! Gotta go to their blog if you want to find out--hahahaha!!! (you can get there from the Links on the left-hand side of this page)
Need a sub sandwich now!!!

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