Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another 3 - Pointer, Baby!!!!!!!!!

Hello all, It is I, Darth Bill, reporting the latest on the Boys Rule Boys Read Book Series Tournament. Wait a minute, you won't believe what I just saw outside the library!!!!! Check it out, a Sith Squirrel taking out a wimpy Jedi Squirrel:

Hello, my brother Sith Squirrel. How are you? What's that? You are working for the Lagomorph!!!!!
Is my name Darth Bill? Um, no my name is ........,uh,........ Darth Carl. Where is Darth Bill at? See that next office over. Bye now. Yikes!!!!! Good luck Carl and sorry, but it was either you or me. What's all that noise? Better not look, poor Carl.

Oh, well, let's take note of the latest 3 pointer sunk by Melanie (wow, she must have a hot hand, didn't she just hit one?):

Black-Footed Ferrets: Back from the Brink by Miriam Aronin - This is an awesome book about an animal we thought was extinct. Scientist bred them in captivity and taught them about surviving in the wild. Maybe we can save these cool wild animals!

That is pretty cool!!!! I'll have to take a look at this book myself. That's the latest from our wild and wooly competition.



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