Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Comment From kris-the-half-blood-dev-the-sith

Hey, everybody, we have a comment from a new friend, kris-the-half-blood-dev-the-sith: (actually, it's from two people--you'll see)

First off I wold like to say that I'm a girl. I read The Lightning Theif and recently The sea of monsters to my little brother Devin ( he is 5 now and can not type). His freind told my mum abot this site and Dev wanted me to type for him. He is amazed with 'Geek'mythology now like me and my mum told him "Great, we have a mini-Kris now..." He made me read it to him three times now and refused to go to bed without annother part in the story. oh an he says HI... ^_^

Thanks, Kris and Dev. We've had girls write in to us before, notably Melanie, our coworker. This is the first time we've had a sister-and-brother-team, though!! For writing to us, Kris, we'll give you the greatest honor we can bestow and make you an Honorary Guy. (We did that for Melanie)

I'm glad Dev likes Percy Jackson. You're the youngest Lightning Thief/Sea of Monsters fan I've known. (Did you see this, Mr. Riordan??) You know that I'm a big fan. Have you read The Titan's Curse yet? Did you know the new Percy Jackson book will be here in about a month!!!! I can't wait!!!

Darth Bill will be pleased to know that we have a young sith reading our blog. In fact, Dev may be the youngest sith ever!!

Keep writing to us,
PS--have you looked at our March Madness of Books Contest?

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