Thursday, April 17, 2008

Last-Minute Shots

We had some 3-pointers from Anonymous come in last night, after Bill and I left but before 9:00 pm:

Saving up for the last minute or almost last minute.Here are several more book reviews.

First, Thanks to the review about the second book in the Diary of Wimpy Kid series, I read the first book. Jeff Kinney really writes funny stuff! (My Nannah doesn't get some of it, but that is okay, because she is a girl.) Greg Heffley is the boy writing the diary about his day to day life. He writes about his family and friends and stuff that happens to him in school. It has lots of funny cartoons in it too. Two of my favorites were about a guy riding a skateboard and the second is about the things you can get away with saying when there is a substitute teacher. I can hardly wait to read the next book about Greg and his brother Rodrick.

Speaking of brothers, the next book is called "How NOT to babysit your brother" by Catherine Hapka.This book is all about what happens when Will has to babysit his little brother Steve because his grandmother falls asleep on the couch. If you have little brothers you might relate to what happens, I did. For some it might be an easy read, but for others it might be just right.

The next book is another book by Matt Christopher called "Long-arm Quarterback". I liked this book because I want to be a football player when I grow up. This is a story about how Cap Wadell gets to play football because his grandfather teaches him how to play "six-man football" when there aren't enough players at his middle school for a regular team.

Here is my next to last review.It's called "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain but this is the graphic novel retold by M.C.Hall. It is all about some adventures Tom has with his friend Huckleberry Finn. Three of the things that happen in the book are Tom gets some other kids to whitewash a fence and Huck and him go to their own funeral and another time they find gold in a cave.

My last review is about "John, Paul, George & Ben" by Lane Smith.John is John Hancock, He was called BOLD because he signed the Declaration of Independence with an extra BIG autograph. Paul was Paul Revere and he was called NOISY because of his midnight ride telling everyone the British were coming. George was George Washington. He was called HONEST because when asked if he chopped down a cherry tree, he said he did. He later became our first president. Ben was Benjamin Franklin and he was called CLEVER. Finally the book tells about Tom, Thomas Jefferson. He was an INDEPENDENT lad so the book says. He was the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence.

And there you have it, till the next time.

Good shooting, Anonymous! That's five reviews, the most anyone has sent us at one time--not only for the tournament, but ever!! This should put you in first place! I'll have to wait until Darth Bill comes back, though, becuase he's the official scorekeeper. He called in sick today. I'm sure he'll tally the scores for both the reviews and the votes for the book series and announce the winners the first chance he gets. In fact, I even called the Lagomorph on my sub-space communicator and asked him not to terrorize Bill until after the contest. (Hmmm---I wonder what would happen if I sneaked up behind Bill with a bunny puppet!)

Well, thanks for your patience and all those great reviews! Keep your eyes right here and let us keep hearing from you!!!


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