Monday, April 7, 2008

A New Comment From Danna and Son

Hey, one and all, we have a comment and votes from Danna:

Where are all the comments? Ok, as the secretly lurking adult female librarian, I just could not make a choice for the final two. So I had to turn to my son (age 10) for the final call. His votes:Harry Potter and Narnia. By the way guys, I have had a lot of fun exploring your blog (and many others) as I try to find a manageable way to introduce these to my students! Thanks for the fun!

You're welcome, Danna. We'll do you what we do for any girl (or lady) who writes to us--we'll give you the greatest honor we can bestow and make you an Honorary Guy. Tell your son that he can send a review (or more than one) and get 3 extra points.

BTW, I usually do something different with comments than most blogs. I save them and publish directly to the blog so that everyone can see them. That's why you haven't seen them in the "comments" section. Maybe I ought to change that, though, and put them in both places. Well, I did that today--maybe I'll try that for a while.

Anyway, that's enough 'bout that! We had our first two entries in the Story Tubes today!!! Come on down and do some!!! It'll be fun. (Check out Darth Bill's post from April 5 to find out more)

And keep sending in those votes and reviews! (send them by 9 pm tonight to be counted for the Final Four)


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