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...and the Girls Do Too!

Now it's time to publish the reviews the girls from the Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy have sent us!


Dork Diaries #2- Rachel Renee Russell

I really like Dork Diaries. It's a GREAT BOOK! I like it because it's like Diary of a wimpy kid and I like that.It's about a girl named Nikki Maxwell who goes to a new school. There is a mean girl named Makenzie; the most popular girl in the school. She has to be at three places at once because she promised everyone she would be there. She meets two friends,Chole and Zoe.Find out what happens next.

Wayside school- Louis Sachar

Wayside School is a hilarious book of stories. Mrs. Gorf turns everyone into apples in one of the stories. I like this book because there is lots of stories in one book.

The Pepins and Their Problems

I love this book because it is very funny that they have so many problems. There is Mrs. Pepin, Mr. Pepin, Nellie, Mr. Bradshaw, etc. It is a GREAT BOOK! You should get it. Hope you enjoy!

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The Guardians of Ga'hoole (The Journey) by Kathryn Lasky

This book is about a really young owl named Soren. Soren and his family live in a hollow about 90 feet from the ground.One day his brother pushed him down the hollow. I think this book is really interesting.Once you read the first page you would want to read the rest.


Pearl The Cloud Fairy
By.Daisy Meadow
Kristy and Rachel are seecretly friends with fairys! They notice that everybody has gray storm clouds on there heads* They meet Pearl The Cloud Fairy and they go to the candy factory but it is closed so theyopen there lockets and turn into fairy's. Kristey and Rachel go threw the vent amd when they get in they find Jack Frost wich has one of the feather's for the rooster that controlls the weather in fairy land. they chase jack frost all around the factory. read the book to find out the rest.i recamind this book to people:-);-):-(;-(


The Boxcar Children the vampire mystery
I loved this book! It is about 4 children. Their parents died so they live with their granfather. They meet a famous auther that has a legend in his house about a vampire. He wrote about it in a book. He wants to move out of his the book to find out the rest.


Want some cool mysterys This is the place for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My book is called Mini Mysterys.Now I am usally bored of soging mysterys but this could make me pop my socks off!!!!!!!!

diffrent charicters solve diffrent mysterys.But the charicter that solves the most mysteries is named Marie.But there is one thing I dont like about the book............
NOTHING!!!! There is
absolutly nothing wrong with this book. it is amazing!! i will write more later


THE HOSTILE HOPITAL - BY LEMONY SNICKET This is a book about the terrible journey the Baudelaire children are encourntering on their travels around the world trying to escape the nefarious Count Olaf. The plot is about the false story of the Baudelaire children murdering Count Olaf. Of course, three children couldn't murder a full grown man without some evidence, but, many people believe the story about them. Count Olaf had burned their house, killing their parents. After that dreadful day on Briny Beach, the children have been trying to escape Count Olaf in his ridiculous costumes. Here's the back....... Before you throw this dreadful book to the ground you should know what it's about. Unnessary surgery, an intercom system, anestesia, heart shaped ballons and some very startaling news about a fire. I really liked this book because it tells about the children's drealful stay at Hemlich Hospital. I recommend this book to all readers.

THE MISARABLE MILL- BY LEMONY SNICKET The Misarable Mill is part of wonderful, but terrifiying line of books. It tells in detail the story and history of the Bauldralire children. In this book the children are working in a mill. Read the book to find out what happens. I like this book because they always take little breaks and they give you a choice on what to think.

The end is the final book in the Series of unfortunate events. The children are traveling on the SAME boat as Count Olaf. Why you ask? Read the book to find out why. Anyways, they are shipwreacked in a storm and are landed on a coastel shelf. They find themselfs castaways on a secret island and one of the castaways, Friday, finds them and welcomes them to the island. Count Olaf? Not so much. Friday leaves him behind as they travel back to the island. She leaves Count Olaf behind because the island welcomes only nice people. Or so they say.... The rest of the castaways are out on something called a storm scavenge. When the island facilater meets them, they were put to work in catagorys they were not familer. Violet is good in inventing, put she was put to work in laundry. Klaus is good in reaserching, but he's put in being beside Ishamel (the island facilater) at all times. Putting clay on a 60 year old man's feet. Sunny is put to cook, which she likes, but was makking what she does not like to make. So, she was making simple meals and after, was laying away for the rest of the day. I liked this book because it descibes the every last details of the Bauldrelaire's adventure on this island very well, and has a little break every now and then. I reccomend this book to all types of readers. Not just kids, but adults too. Iron Guy Carl, I encourage you to read this book as well. I also like this book because the Baldralaire children have to suffer such harsh treatment as they learn.... Life's not fair. They step through every book just like they were real people.

Dive is about four kids who are chosen to work at a very popular aqua- marine center. But the four kids belive that the guides are hiding something from them. What could it be? Rumors are that the center found truesure that was lost long ago. Is it true? Read the book to find out. I like this book because Dive keeps you in suspense. I also like this book because you have the option to belive the rumor, or not belive the rumor. It's your choice. I recommend this book to all people because it takes you on a jorney to dive into the sea of mystery, wonder and exploration. I personoly favor this book because it has such detail, and just, is amazing. Just as the book says. Dive into this book with a loved one or friend.

The School Of Fear is a book about how for ordanary kids go to a school for intense fears. Lulu's fear are confined spaces. ( mine too.)Theo's fear is death, Madiline's fear is anything creepy and crawlie.Garrison's fear is water. I like this book because it's very spontaneous. And on every chapter, there is a type of phobia.

DAIRY OF A WIMPY KID BOOK 1 - BY JEFF KINNEY The Diary Of a Wimpy Kid series is all about a wimp named Greg. His best freind is a little..... unmature. Greg is someday gonna be a great superstar, but his mom bought him a diary. What movie super star has a diary? So, he's going to write this stuf in his jounal, and sell it when he's rich and famous. I like this book because he is so low down in the popularity list, and thinks he's gonna be a movi star of some sort. One more thing, good luck Greg!!!!!!!!

Super Simran

Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine By: Barbara Park
Valentines day is coming up. Junie B and her friend are competing. Lucie says she will get more valentines from boys. They get the equal number of valentines but, Junie B got one from her secret admirer. Who is her secret admirer? Read the book to find out! :^)

Into the Wild By: Sarah Beth Dust
This book is about a girl named Julie. She does not have a normal family. Her mom is Rapunzel and her brother is Puss in boots. Her family used to live in a fariy tale world called the wild. Ittook them 500 years to escape the wild but, they did. The only way the Wild won't grow back is by protecting the wishing well. If someone makes a wish in the wishing well the wild will grow back. One day somebody made a wish that made the wild grow back. Julies hole family got sucked back in to that wicked world: the wild.Will she be able to resque her family? Will she go in the wild? Read the book to find out!! : )

The Jungle Book By: Rudyard Kipling

This book is about a boy who gets raised by animals in the jungle. He is targeted by Sher Khan a tiger who wants this boy. Will the boy survive or will he not? Read the book to find out! :^)

Tom Sawyer By: Mark Twain

This a story of 2 adventureous boys who go out and seek adventure. Thier names are Tom Sawyer and Hucleberry Finn. Thier familys do not know that they are gone. Will they find the boys or will they not? Read the book to find out! :^)

The Mayflower and the Pilgrims New World By: Nathaniel Philbrick

This book tells you all about the Pilgrims New World. It tells you about the other ship the Pilgrims rode in. You probaly know the story of the Pilgrims. You probaly don't know it in depth. You probaly don't know what happened after the harvest. Well, this book does. So, read it now! :^)

Egyptorium By: Laura Buller and Peter Chrisp

Discover the unkwown world of Egypt with this book that has 10 books in 1! Discover the gods of Egypt and the myth of how Osiris became a god. Learn how to make mummies. Learn about the curse of king Tut. Includes Egyptian flick.Also learn how to read hieroglyphis all in this one book. Read it now! :^)


Do you like ninjas?
Do you like baseball?
Well here is one for both!
KYUMA! Ninja baseball!
By Sunshin Maeda
Can Kyuma learn to play baseball?
Or will he fail?!!

Do you want a adventures?
Do you want a hilarias books?
Do you want... BIG butts?
Hareta meets a team galactic
member called B2 and calls
him butt because he has a big
butt. It annoyed team galactic!
Will he imerge victoreus? Or will he lose? Then join Hareta and his friends in DP Pokemon 1-8!

This is a great book
about a girl who is great mairtial
arts expert.Her enemys are ninjas.
It has spiked fans, sword fighting,
and more! The book is called...
Sisters of the sword:Journey Through Fire! Kimi has to go throgh fire,ninjas,and her mom
getting killed. Still she must not
back down!

Thanks, girls!! And thanks to all you boys, too. I'll post the standings in a little while.

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