Friday, March 18, 2011

...and More from the Girls (with the latest standings!)

All right, girls, it's your turn!

Super Simran

Abraham Lincoln By: Tanya Lee Stone One book in the series of the Dk Biographies

Wondering how this little boy who was once a farmer became a president. Well this book has all the ansewers. It does not list this in the book but a little girl asked Abraham Lincoln to grow his famous beard. It also shows a picture of the rocking chair Abraham Lincoln was sitting at the Fords theatre when he got shot. After he got shot he was put on a bed for medical treatment whitch he died in. It shows a picture of that bed to. After reading this book summary I hope you want to read this book. Well go and buy it right now because this is a book I like so I know you will like it too. :^)

Times Squared By: Julia DeVillers

This book is about 2 twins who go to New York City. One goes to see a off Broadway show and the other went to attend a math competition. Most people in one twins group are from the drama club but that group is going to see banks and stuff like that. The other twins group are mostly mathaletes but they go to places like the toystore and the candy shop. Will this trip in New York mess up? I really enjoyed this book because it was about twins. I think you should read it! :^)

Junie B., First Grader: Cheater Pants By: Barbara Park

Junie B Jones is copying of peoples homework and everything but she thinks it's not a big deal but will she get out of control. Will she never stop copying? I loved this book and I could not put it down till the end! Ithink you should read it! :^)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days By: Jeff Kiney

It's summer vacation and Greg is in his house playing video games. His mom thinks he should go outside and "play". Greg does sometimes and in this book Greg gets a dog. I really liked this book because of it's comedy. I think you should read it too! :^)


Dork Diaries #2- Rachel Renee Russell

I really like Dork Diaries. It's a GREAT BOOK! I like it because it's like Diary of a wimpy kid and I like that.It's about a girl named Nikki Maxwell who goes to a new school. There is a mean girl named Makenzie; the most popular girl in the school. She has to be at three places at once because she promised everyone she would be there. She meets two friends,Chole and Zoe.Find out what happens next.

Wayside school- Louis Sachar

Wayside School is a hilarious book of stories. Mrs. Gorf turns everyone into apples in one of the stories. I like this book because there is lots of stories in one book.


Charlotte's Web, by E.B. White is a great book. Wilbur, a pig raised from birth by a girl named Fern, is sold to a farm. When a goose informs him that once Christmas time comes around, he'll be killed, Wilbur turns to a gray spider named Charlotte for help. What she does is amazing and will change your opinion about friends forever.

All right! Thank you, girls! I'm really glad you wrote about Abraham Lincoln and Charlotte's Web. Honest Abe was an incredible person and Charlotte's Web is an incredible book.

And good way to use all 4 things, boys and girls--title, author, brief plot summary, and reasons you liked or didn't like the books!

Now for the moment we've all waited for--the standings!!

The Boys

Chuck--2 points
Anonymous(I assume this one's a boy)--1
Soccer Shawn--2

Michael--5 points

The Girls
Arushi--1 (turns out Arushi is a girl--sorry, Arushi!)
girl m—1

Super Simran--12

Super Simran still holds the lead with Davidson and Sarah right behind but, wait---what's this??? Michael has just sneaked up behind Emma and may overtake her!! He might even overtake Davidson. Maybe even Super Simran!! Wow, maybe we'll have big upsets, just like the real NCAA tournament. You have GOT to stay tuned!! No telling what will happen in the exciting March Madness Free Throw Contest!!!

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