Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Free Throws From the Boys at MRSA...

Hey everyone, it's your friendly neighborhood Iron Guy Carl with more reviews for the March Madness Free Throw Contest. We have more reviews from the third grade classes of Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy, so we'll get right to them, but first, we interrupt this blog post for an important announcement:

Are some of your reviews not showing up on this blog??
Then you need FOLLOWTHESE4!

That's right! With just one dose of FOLLOWTHESE4, your reviews are sure to show up here! OK, all silliness aside, I've had to cut some reviews because they were either waaayyy too short (only 2 sentences) or because they didn't follow the 4 guidelines I set down at the beginning of the contest.We basically need 4 things--the title of the book, the author, a brief summary of the plot, and why you liked the book. Some of the submissions I've got are only plot summaries. I want you to tell us WHY you liked the book! Most of you have done that and done it very well but some haven't and I just can't publish those. I'll also admit that I've let some of you slide, even with today's post, but I can't do that anymore. (MAN,I'm starting to sound like a grownup!!) I want to be sure that we get the best you can give us, so follow those 4 guidelines and your reviews will be sure to show up here. (BTW, you can put the title and author separately from the review but you don't have to. Look back over the reviews and you can see how kids have done them separately or worked them into the reviews)

All right let's hear from the boys! (We'll hear from the girls in the next post)


captain underpants and the invassion of the inredibily nauty cafateria ladeys from outer space and the subsequent assault of the Equally evil lunchroom zomibe nerds. That was just the tital I know it is raelly long just looking at it but try looking at the book. Its even bigger. Well as you noticed this is another one of those captain underpants. why I chose to read this book is because it has romance [just kidding] well it dose have action and lots and lots of laffs. Well as you all should know is that captain underpants wears undaerpants. well captain underpants has a new 3erd book and iit is really cool captain underpants has defated lots of monsters. BUT HERE COME THE EVIL LUNCH LADEY


Diary of a Wimpy kid
by Jeff Kinney
This book is a about a boy named Greg who is so wimpy . In this book they are a bunch of comics about him and his best friend Rowley .this book is really funny you should get all of the series.

Cat and mouse in a haunted house
by Geronimo Stilton
This is a great book about a mouse driving in a car and then he can't see because of some fog and then it starts raining so he gets out of the car and starts walking away from his car. When he starts walking he finds a castle on the castle there was a bunch of marks that were blood red.This book gets scarier and scarier ever chapter.


Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventures Volume 2
By: Shigekatsu Ihara
Author :Ethan Ganadara
Pokemon volume 2 is an adventure were Hareta goes to meet the legendary pokemon Dialga. His rival jun keeps him from the Pokemon by battling him to try to take him down. But, his partner Mitsumi is Haretas partner that helps him go along his adventure. Jun apparently has a crush on Mitsumi. Whem ever Mitsumi gets in trouble then Jun comes to save the day(for her.)Wil Hareta meet Dialga or will Jun take him down before he reaches the Spear pillar(were Dialga is called.) And also,Jum ismt the only one to take him down. Also a bad force who love to take Pokemon called Team Galactic. Team Galactic is a team who wants to rule the world with Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. The only problem is that Charon (the leader)has a device that brainwashes pokemon to become Human Weaponry! Can Jun help Hareta or is he part of Team Galactic in disguise?Find out now in the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl series now(hope you enjoy because I really did.:)


I am in 3rd grade and for my reading genre project I just read DK Biography: Thomas Jefferson. I really like and recommend this book because as well as a regular history book with facts and dates, it is also a photographic story of Jefferson's life. It includes pictures, paintings, maps, quotes, and really interesting bits of information that helps you get an idea of what his life must have really been like. DK Publishing also writes those 'History of US' books which is very similar in style to this book on Thomas Jefferson. You should check it out, I thought it was great!

Thanks, guys!! These books look good and I'm especially glad to see a nonfiction review here because I firmly believe that nonfiction is not boring--and you've just shown us why!

Girls,I'l lpost your reviews tomorrow and then I'll post the current standings.

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