Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time Out for The Black Book of Buried Secrets

The NCAA tournament (aka March Madness) officially starts today! Woo-hoooo!! This year's tourney promises to be another memorable event. But every game has a few scheduled time outs, so I'm going to take one and tell you about a truly terrific book. It's The Black Book of Buried Secrets, the companion book to the absolutely fan-tastic 39 Clues series. I enjoyed this book a lot! There's excitement, adventure and lots of information about the different branches of the Cahill family. Great reading for fans of the series or even those who haven't---who haven't---oh, no, something's interfering with my posting. This is exactly what happened when I wrote about Into the Gauntlet, the last book in the series----

This is Agent Flexing Bear, reporting form the Tomas stronghold in Charlotte, NC. (Everyone thinks it's only a library, HAHAHAHAHA!) I have just read The Black Book of Buried Secrets and, wow, is it good!! Not only is there a whole ton of info about all the Cahill branches and their spy techniques (useful to know since we're ALL in such great danger from the Vesper family), there are a lot of really exciting stories. Besides, you get to find out all sorts of cool stuff--what happened to Dan and Amy after they got back to the States, Isabel Kabra's trial, stories about the founders of the Cahill branches, biographies of famous Cahill agents, plus a truly great introduction by the one and only Rick Riordan. I couldn't stop reading this book, even when when doing my weight-lifting exercises.

BTW, the newest 39 Clues book comes out on April 5. It's called Vespers Rising and the library has ordered lots of copies so the whole world can see how the brave Tomas agents will keep the world safe!! OK, I guess the other branches will do a little bit too. After all, we'll have to work together against the greatest danger the world will ever know. I will notify agents everywhere when we get copies. I hope a lot of agents go to their libraries, especially the Myers Park "library", and check it out! (Oops, did I just give away the secret location of this Tomas stronghold?)

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Thank you o much for being a part of Book Talk Tuesday this week. I hope we can get the linky widget figured out so you can keep coming back!
I am still going to tell you about Fluffy Bunnies!