Friday, March 18, 2011

More Posts from the Boys...

Oh, yes, the first round of the NCAA tournament started yesterday and already there are major upsets!! I mean, of course, Louisville and St. Johns losing to much lower-rated schools. OH, YEAH! That's what I'm talking about! It just started and it's exciting!!

Speaking of exciting, the March Madness Free Throw Contest is swinging into high gear. We have several new reviews to post today. I'll post the boys' reviews and then the girls' and the stadings in the next post.


How to be the Funniest Kid in the Whole Wide World (or just in your class)by Jay Leno

This kids book by Jay Leno is a huge joke book with interesting features. For one, it has a section on how Jay got his start in comedy. And throughout the book, it has interesting side features like Ask Jay, Cafeteria Food to Stay Away From, Words that Sound like Insults but Aren't, What to say to a Substitute Teacher, Excuses for Why You Didn't Bring Your Homework, and many others! Every guy should read this great book! It's got every kind of joke you can think of (and some you can't). Check it out!

The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy, book 2

The Return of Meteor Boy?

by William Boniface

O Boy is back in his second adventure! In book one, The Hero Revealed, the mystery of Meteor Boy was brought up. He was the greatest superhero in all of Superopolis, but when foiling an evil plan, he disappeared. O Boy is on the brink of finding out what happeed to him, when he is suddenly trapped by the supposedly-dead Professor Brain-Drain! The only way to escape is by going back in time 25 years! But will O Boy ever get back to the present, or is he trapped in the past forever? And who is Meteor Boy??? These questions and more are revealed in this excellent time travel adventure!

The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy, book 3

The Great Powers Outage

by William Boniface

O Boy is back in his final adventure! Some guy named the Red Menace appears, and suddenly everyone in Superopolis is doing what he says! Then, everyone's powers disappear! And even worse, Dr. Telomere's Potato Chip Factory is going out of business! And to top it all off, Proffessor Brain-Drain still isn't dead! It's up to O Boy and his gang the Junior Leaguers to figure out what's going on and stop it. But there's just one thing... can they? In this book, every Superopolis question is answered, such as: How was Superopolis founded? Where do everybody's superpowers come from? Is Dr. Telomere a real person? What happened to the dinosaur and the meteorite from the last book? And much more! Don't miss out on this one; it's the best one out of the three!

Rifles For Watie

by Harold Kieth

Jeff Bussey wants to join the Yankee army and fight in the Civil War. But many things were not as he expected it. On a scouting mission, Jeff pretends to join the Confederates and finds out a dark plan. The Confederates are buying repeating rifles: rifles that shoot 7 times without reloading. It will give them a huge advantage. But, like I said, they're buying them... from a Yankee soldier! Who is it? Will the Confederates find out who Jeff is? But most importantly, does Jeff actually want to leave the Confederates? If you like historical fiction, particularly stories about the Civil War, you won't want to go without reading this book!

Soccer Shawn

The 39 clues book 3 the sword thief
By: Peter Lerangis
Book review by: Shawn An
Dan and Amy Cahill are now going to Japan. Because their boarding pases got snatched up, they have to rely on their unreliable uncle Alistair Oh. They travel to Japan
and find evidence that they need to go somewhere else. The place is called Korea! What will they find this time? THIS BOOK IS AWESOME!!!


the fabmouse school adventure

by geronimo stilton

this book is about a mouse who goes to school. their teacher is miss.angel paws. then their iguana gets lost.then the mouse gets stuck in a slide ( which i taught was funny)later they find the iguana.i really liked this book because it was really funny.

Good work, guys!! I've always wanted to read Rifles for Watie, Michael, and you've given me good reasons .

Remember, in these reviews we need:



Brief plot summary

Why you did (or didn't) like the book

OK? Now we'll hear from the girls.

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