Friday, March 25, 2011

The Competition Heats Up Even More!

It seems we have three hot competitors in the game now--Michael, King of Books and Time Travel, Soccer Shawn and Super Simran. (A few other have tried to make shots but they fell short because the reviews were plot summaries. We have to have reasons why you did or didn't like the book in order for it to get through the hoop!) Let's see Michael's review first:

The Phamtom Tollbooth
by Norton Juster
Milo is a boy who doesn't enjoy doing anything. Then one day he mysteriously finds a tollbooth sitting in his room. He goes through the gate, and suddenly he's in another world! Then he meets King Azaz, who gives him his mission. Long ago, two brothers argued over their kingdoms, so they went to their wise sisters for help. When they advised that the two kingdoms should live in peace, both kings got mad and banished them to the Castle in the Sky. Milo must get them back. This book is like Alice in Wonderland for guys! It's so cool! If you're looking for a book for a school book report, this is a classic. It's fun to read, it never gets old or boring, and if you think about alot of the stuff in it that doesn't make sense, it actually does make sense! Check this one out!

Very good. This really is a very funny book and the library has a great audiobook version. (see my review of the audioboook here) Now let's hear from Super Simran:

Junie B., First Grader: Toothless Wonder By: Barbara Park

Junie B's front tooth is lose and Junie B is not exited. She thinks she won't look good after she loses it. She also wants to know who the tooth fairy is. What does the tooth fariy do with all of those teeth? I really liked this book because it relates to me in a way. Except I am always excited about wiggly teeth.

And from Soccer Shawn:

A to Z Mysteries The Bald Bandit
By: Ron Roy
Book Review By: Shawn An
Well remember thoszzzzz... Oh! Sorry, I meant well remembre those three kids? Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose? Well here they go again! they are hired by a strange detective. They need to find a red hed and get a certain viedo. They find the kid and get the viedo. Then they find the kid (and the viedo). They found out that the "detective" was the robber. Then he comes. What will happen now? THIS BOOK IS AWESOME! zzzzz

SWISH!! Good job, both of you! This changes the standings again, I think.

The Boys

Chuck--2 points
Anonymous(I assume this one's a boy)--1
Soccer Shawn--3


The Girls
girl m—1

Super Simran--13

Yes, it does!! Michael has moved into a tie for second place with Davidson, while Super Simran maintains a comfortable lead in first place (while Soccer Shawn moves into a tie with Ryan and Ninja). But you never know what will happen in March Madness! Many a team play has come from behind to win with a buzzer beater. But many others have built leads early and dominated the game. Which one will this game be?? You never know until the very end--which is six days from today! So there's still plenty of time to get those reviews in. And don't forget that you have chances to make three and five point shots. See the first post in the contest to see how.
Stay tuned, reading fans!!

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