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The Boys from MRSA Shoot a Lot of FreeThrows...

As I promised last Friday, I'm going to post the reviews that have been coming in for the March Madness Free Throw Contest. It's almost raining reviews around here!! We've got so many that I've got to make two posts. I'll do the boys first. Now the iron Guy is a gentleman and I ususally let ladies go first, but, since this is a boys' read blog, I'll post theirs first. (BTW, all these reviews are from the third grade classes at the Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy) We have so many that I'll publish them and make comments later. Here we go!!!

Soccer Shawn

The Dragon's Eye.
By:Dugald A. Steer
Book review by:Shawn
Daniel looks forward to going home. He really misses his parents. He has not seen them in four years! Beatrice (Daniels older annoying sister)brings bad news.His parents have to stay in India!He and Beatrice have to go to Dr.Drake(A professinal dragonolagest) They go on a journey with dragons... THIS BOOK IS COOL. I recommend you to read it!:)


Samantha An American Girl
A Series By Various Authors

Samantha is a orphan Who lives with her rich grandmother.Samantha
has lots of adventures:
Meet Samantha- Samantha makes friends with Nellie, a servant girl next door
Samantha learns a lesson- Samantha teaches Nellie,but Nellie teaches
Samantha something too!
Samantha's Surprise-Cornelia is ruining Christmas for Samantha
Happy Birthday Samantha-When Samantha's neighbor ruins her party
Agnes and Agatha have a surprise!
Samantha saves the day- Samantha plans a secret adventure to Teardrop Island.
Changes for Samantha- Samantha's friend,Nellie, goes to an orphanage
and Samantha tries to help

I like this series because something is always so exciting:)
I don't like this series because
the books are so short. Right when you think something exciting will happen, the book ends. All of a sudden the book ends.
These books are full of history. At the end there is a little bit of the background from the story.
Samantha has lots of exciting adventure...


By: David Pilkey

Meet Ook and Gluk, two kung-fu caveman from the future! Then they meet two mog-mogs, one is a baby mog-mog! But then, there hometown, Caveland, Ohio is getting attacked by Cheif Goppernopper! Cheif Goppernopper really hates Ook and Gluk, so he captures them.
But then the baby mog-mog helps them on their adventure. But when they go through a time portal, they learn kung-fu!
Will Ook and Gluk defeat cheif Goppernopper, or will they be captured for life? Read the book to find out what happens next.


Greg has lost his friend rowley, and he expects him to be asking to be friends again. but he is not. Greg really wants to gain on his growth spirit! His friend, Rowley has a pimple so he thinks he's a man!Uncle gary's wedding is coming up this week and he does not want to go! It's because he has a birthday on the same exact day!
Do Greg and Rowley make friends again? Read the book to find out what happens next.

By:James Sturm, Andrew Arnold and Alexis Frederick-Frost

When the knight meets an magic elf, he goes on to an adventure! He also finds his horse there! The magic elf teaches the knight all about comics. When the knight see's the dragon, he goes to try to slay it because it took half the worlds candy! But then he meets a bunch of other knights and they join him.
Does he slay the dragon? Read the book to find out what happens next.

by: Louis Sachar

Meet Wayside school, the wackiest and most hilarious school on earth! All the kids on Wayside school is hilarious! For example, the three Eric's are fat except one. So they call the not fat Eric fat. Leslie doesn't know what to do with her toes! Mrs. Gorf will turn you into an... oops. Sorry about that.

Read Wayside school to read all the funny stories!

Wayside School is Falling Down
By: Louis Sachar

Wayside school is the most hilarious school on earth! Wayside school is getting weirder then ever! Now people are more funny than ever!
Now wayside school has new teachers. This school is getting so weird it's not even funny!
Have you ever been in a school with thirty stories? Have you been in a school with a cow?
Read the book to find out what happens next.

Starwars Bobafett Author:Terry Bison

Hello my name is Rick.I will like to tell a little of my book.A little kid named Boba was left all alone on a planet called Raxus Prime.Count Dooku also known as Tyranus hired a bounty hunter to bring Boba to Raxus Prime her name is Aurra Sing.The Count wants to train Boba.After a while the Rebublic attacks the Count's lair.(More later)

Starwars Bobafett Crossfire Author:Terry Bison

Boba is taken as an orphan by the Republic.Boba's ship is stolen.He is taken to the planet Bespin on the Rebublic ship named Candaserri.He names himself Teff so that the Jedi don't know that he is a Bounty Hunter.On the way to Bespin, Boba makes a new friend named Garr.After Boba lands on Bespin he runs away.Will he find his ship or is it gone for ever?Read the book to find out.


4 ADVENTURERS STEP INTO A NEW WORLD ... Narnia, a land frozen in eternal winter, a land waiting to
be set free. the 4 adventurers step into a wardrobe to save animals.the witch calls herself the queen of the land. these 4 adventurers meet a friend, mr. and mrs.beaver. the king ,aslan needs help in order to get rid of winter .
I liked this book because it was adventure


the lighting thief book is a really good book. What I love about this book is that the chapter names are really cool and funny like the first chapter is called I beheaded my math techer and the second one is caled tehtwo old ladeys who knit the sock of death... well lets get back to topic so their is this really bad but cool kid who has been to 9 or 10 schools and not that smart but in side this guy has amazing powers if you read the book.persey the really cool guy fights the minitar he battles other people that you have to read the book to find out. Well in that case RRREEEAAADDD TTTHHHEEE BBBOOOOOOKKK

okk and giuc lived with the dinasours and wrernt good at kung fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. But when the futur comes back in time they cause trouble and then okk and gluk bo into the futher and lern kung fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu and then they take down the evil master read to book to find out

Diray of a wimpy kid. greg is about 12 or 13 and really wimpy he has to learn about how cute girs are and middle school because he needs a girl freind. And also because in middle school you are mixed with people who have to shave twise a day with people who are really fat. In this thrilling aventure he will learn.

Greg heffly has alwas been in a hurry to grow up in, the 5th book he has a great adventure and has to do do it all by him self without his best friend rowley who also loves video games . And one more thing greg finds out another way toy rowleys house

Diary of the wimpy kid dog days is a good book for the summer because the weather is great and all teh kids are having fun but greg loves to just sit back and play vido games and loves his life that way. he knows that he is getting weaker and trys to get sronger ..... AGIAIN

captain underpants and the attack ofthe talking tolits is a really funny book it is the second book of the captian underpants serics by:Dav pikler and he is a rrrreeeaaalllllllllyyyy cccccccccoooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllll kind of guy. geroge and harold were up to their old trixxs again first by messing up the siens fair and then made an evil army of tolits THIS LOOKS LIKE A JOB FOR CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS...........

HELLO FANS OUT THEIR... gess what I just read a graet book. It is the sixth book of captain underpants. Well why I did not put the tital is because im kind of tierd and it is very long and has some words thet I dont know. Welllllll got to get back to topic george and harold have a friend named melvin seendly wich this guy is really smart. But then george and harold start to make him seas or make boogers come out of his mouth... Well sice he is really smart he trys the new envention he just made up and trys to turn himself into a robo giant and take over the wourld but right as he got zapppppedddd he sneased.


The secert of robbers cave by:kristiana gregory

This book is awesome read this book , find the secert of the robbers cave. Jeff and David
are trying to find a secert also the Mcoy boys , so its a race for the secert. Help Jeff and David dont forget Claire find the secert before the Mcoy boys do .The secert is read book to find out.Secert again is ... FIND OUT IN THE BOOK!

Thanks, guys!! We'll hear from the girls and then I'll post your standings!!

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