Saturday, March 5, 2011

The First Free Throw Shots!!

What a great response! You guys have been terrific, sending in all these reviews for the MARCH MADNESS FREE THROW CONTEST!! In fact, we've got so many that I can't put them all in this post. So I'm going to feature three kids today. I'll get to the rest of you later. Don't worry--your reviews will be posted soon! (BTW, most of the reviews are from the third grade classes at Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy--the same kids who sent in all those great reviews in February's contest!)

Our first free-throw shooter is our faithful friend Michael, King of Books and Time Travel:

Bone: Quest for the Spark, book 1

by Tom Sniegoski

Welcome back to the Valley! Bone is back with Quest for the Spark, an all-new trilogy! Join Percival F. Bone, along with his niece and nephew, Barclay and Abbey Bone, as a tornado somehow brings them to the Valley. Meanwhile, a turnip farmer's son named Tom is called by the Dreaming to stop the evil plans of the Nacht. But he has to hurry. If the Nacht succeeds, both the Dreaming and the Waking world will be one never-ending nightmare. Already his plans are at work. Also joining in on the quest is Randolf Clearmeadow, a former Veni Yan priest that the Dreaming isn't done with yet. Also returning are original Bone characters Thorn, Gran'ma Ben, Roderick the raccoon, and the two stupid, stupid Rat Creatures. This is a great adventure you won't want to miss out on: it's Bone as you've never seen it before! Brilliant writing!

SWISH!! Nothing but net on that one, Michael! What a great review. I really like the Bone series and want to see this new one!

The next reviewer to approach the line is Ninja. (what a cool name!)

Aliens For Breakfeast
Author:Jonathan Etra

Aliens for breakfeast is a very mysterious book. I recommend it for people that like mystery books.
Aliens were getting shipped in a cereal box. A boy named Richard got all of his friends and swagger taken away by a new kid named Dorf. Him and the alien needed to find out what Dorf was doing to take it away. But they can not let Dorf find out that he is trying to find out whats going on of he will melt!Find out what Dorf is up to in Aliens For Breakfeast:)

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Book 7
By : Ethan Gandara
It is a great story were a boy named Hareta goes on an adventure to see the legendary pokemon Dialga! The pokemon is able to transport through time! The pokemon is known as a god pokemon! What other god pokemon will he meet? What will happen to his partners when he goes on the thrilling adventure? The only opponent that he needs to overcome is Team Galactic! Team galactic tries to take over the world using the legendary god pokemon. The leader is Charon. The ex-leader is Cyrus and the least best is b2(butt man of team galactic.)

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventures Volume 8
By:Ethan Gandara
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl is A series of thrilling adventure of A boy named Hareta. Hareta is a boy that goes through an adventure through the Sinnoh region. The region is packed with legendary pokemon and rivalry. The battle between Charon And Hareta will blow your mind. The amazing fighting of pokemon in a life or death situation.The fierce battle of Giratina versus the greatest trainer in the world Hareta! Order book 8 of the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl series now! Not to mention team galactic and their ex-leader Cyrus. Cyrus was once the leader of Team Galactic but Charon took his place i order to take over the world. Can Hareta save The world before Charon tears the world apart? Find out now in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl series book 8. And if your looking for something histaric. Then look in the book . The b2(butt man of team rocket.)

HHIIIYYAAAA!! Thanks, Ninja!! Remember, guys, we LOVE to hear about graphic novels as well as chapter books.

Our third shooter today is Super Simran:

PIRATES By: John Matthews
This book is awesome! It tells you all about the history of pirates. Discover the unseen world of Pirates. The Punishmaents are listed too. There is a treasure map where people think treasure is hidden. There weapons are listed. Here are some weapons: Greanade, ax, Cutlass and Pistol. More Later.... :) :^0 #^0

By: Pseudonymous Bosch
When I read this book I agreed with the title. The book is not what it looks like. It's about a girl in Coma who travels to the past. Her body is still in the hospital bed but her mind's gone into the past. In the past she is invisble. She is searching for a secret. Will she get back home with the secret or will she not? Read the book to find out!

Scat By: Carl Hiaasen

Students are taking a field trip to the Blackwine Swamp. During the field trip a wild fire starts. A teacher gets lost. Will the students find her or will they not?

Dork Diaries: Tales From a Not-So-Popular Party Girl BY: Rachel Renee Russell

This book is about a girl named Nikki. She has a crush on a boy named Brandon. The school dance is coming up and Nikki so wants to go out with Brandon. Nikki got Brandon as a lab partner. Will she get to go to the dance with Brandon? Read the book to find out! :^)

The Name of this book is Secret
By: Pseudonymous Bosch
Cass and Max-Ernest are trying to find a magician's diary. After they find it they figure out that the Magician is still alive and he needs help. To find out the details Cass goes to a spa. The spa is owned by evil people. One of the evil people are the magicians brother. Cass can't believe it. Will they find the magician? Read the book to find out!! :^)

Crazy Day with Cobras By: Mary Pope Osborne This book s about Jack and Annie on an adventure in India. They have to find a emerald shaped rose. Will they find it? Read the book to find out! :^)

And she hits them all! (Yes, Super Simran is a girl) Thanks, Simran! A lot of kids like these Psuedonymous Bosch books.

OK, good shooting, everyone. I'll put the standings (the number of points) in the next post, which may not be until Monday. (the library is busy today!) It wouldn't be fair to do that until then. Stay tuned everyone!

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