Thursday, March 10, 2011

...and More From the Girls!

We also have more reviews from the girls from MRSA:


The School Of Fear is a book about how for ordanary kids go to a school for intense fears. Lulu's fear are confined spaces. ( mine too.)Theo's fear is death, Madiline's fear is anything creepy and crawlie.Garrison's fear is water. I like this book because it's very spontaneous. And on every chapter, there is a type of phobia.

Super Simran

The Mayflower and the Pilgrims New World By: Nathaniel Philbrick

This book tells you all about the Pilgrims New World. It tells you about the other ship the Pilgrims rode in. You probaly know the story of the Pilgrims. You probaly don't know it in depth. You probaly don't know what happened after the harvest. Well, this book does. So, read it now! :^)

Golden Theards By: Lots of Authors

This book has a lot of different storys in it. That is why it is by lots of different authors. It includes fiction, non-fiction and fairytales. One history story is the Lochness sea monster. A fiction story is called Otis's Scientific Experiment which is fom the book: Otis Spofford. A fairytale is: The Rainbow Colored horse By:Pura Belpre. I bet you will enjoy this book. Try to find it. it is very rare these days. : ^ )

Gandhi By: Amy Pastan

This great book tells you all about the life of the great Gandhi.
How did this great man save India without violence? Who killed him? If you have those questions buzzing around in your mind read this book now. I fully recommend it for you! :^)

Emma :-)

George Brown class clown

This book is really funny. George is the class clown but he always gets in trouble. His dad work in the army so they always have to move. George decieds to change. He tries to be good but will his "super burps" stop him? Read the book to find out! I like this book because it is sooo funny. He has to survive from super burps! You should get the book.

Lost and Found

Andrew Clements

This book is greeaat!! It is about two brothers- Jay and Ray. They move to a new school. On the first day Ray is sick and the teacher calls out all the names- but Ray's. His mom puts a letter in his lunch box saying to give it to the janitor. Jay didn't because since Ray and Jay are twins, Jay thought of an idea to switch off and pretend that he was sick the next day. Sometimes even their own parents can't tell them apart. The only difference is one freckle on Ray's leg. Read the book to find out what happens next. I love this book because Ray and Jay are really clever.


Andrew Clements

Frindle is a really good book about
a boy named Nick who makes a new name for pen. It is- you guessed it- Frindle. His teacher is about the only person who doesnt like the new name. He gets in trouble. Read the book to find out what happens next. I think this is a really great book because Nick is very clever like Jay and Ray on LOST AND FOUND.


Louis Sachar

Holes is about a boy named Stanley who goes to a place called Camp Green Lake. They call it that because there used to be a lake there and there used to be so much grass. Now it is all dry and there is no Lake. ANYWAY Camp Green Lake is a place that is supposed to make a kid learn a lesson. Stanley was sent there because he stole Clyde Livinton's shoes. At least he THOUGHT he did. Actually there is a guy named Hector there too. He ran away from home and went into a shoe store. He thought they were regular shoes so he took them out of the display case and put them on top of a car. Stanley found them and took them. Then they BOTH got sent there. Read the book to find out what happens next. I love this book because Stanley is ALSO clever.


Dan Gutman

My Weird School series books are hilaries books. The series is so interesting and funny, you just can't put the books down until you are finished with it. I think this might be my all time favorite. The books in the series are...

MR.KLUTZ IS NUTS!- Mr.Klutz, A.J.'s school principal, said that if the children at the school read 1,ooo,ooo pages in books in a certain amout of time, he will turn the school into a video game Arcade for one night and wear a gorilla suit!

MRS.DAISY IS CRAZY!- Mrs.Daisy, A.J.'s second grade teacher, doesn't know how to add or subtract. She doesn't even know how to read! She must be the dumbest teacher in the history of the world!

MS.SMALL IS OFF THE WALL!- First of all, Ms.Small, A.J.'s P.E. teacher, is very tall! P.E. is supposed to be for dodge ball and Ms.Small is teaching them how to balance feathers!

I really like this series because it is super funny. I don't like it because the books are too short.

Thanks, girls!! These look good too. A lot of kids like the My Weird School books.

OK, I'm out of time today but I WILL post the standings tomorrow.See you then!

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