Tuesday, January 22, 2008

And the Winner Is...

Hey, guys, did you enjoy the long weekend? I sure did. Let me tell you all about it. I'll tell you every detail, starting from 6:01 Friday evening---NO, I'M JUST MESSING WITH YOU!!! I know you're eager to hear who won the contest. So let me announce that the winner is.....

Or should I say THE WINNERS ARE:

cyber kid 303 and Will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, the race was so close AND you two have both worked so hard that Bill and I thought it only fair to award you both a free Rick Riordan T-shirt. You've both done really well and we're proud of you, so you both get one. If you can come to our Heroes and Villains festival today, we'll give it to you then. If you can't, let us know and we'll hold it for you or find a way to get it to you.
Well done!!!!! Will and cyber kid were so eager, in fact, that they both sent us new comments over the weekend but I'm very busy today and won't be able to post them until later. All right? Congratulations to you both and to everyone who wrote in----or should I say writes in. I hope you all keep up the good work!!!

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