Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Return of Sir Samuel

Forsooth! One of our faithful writers, Sir Samuel, is back with a new comment about two books:

Sir Samuel returns! After a long break from posting- knight crusades and whatnot- I hath a new tale to tell of- two if you're ready to brace thyselves. And so rideth back into battle I do, leaving new reviews!

War of the Worlds This book is widely known, yet what it's actually like is much unknown. Many people think of mass alien battles. Instead, this book gives you a view of the world that is very interesting, poses important philosophical questions, and gives a tale of human nature and fear unlike any other. As the main character struggles through a world that belongs to invaders, merciless beings of destruction, truths dawn on him that make this a treacherous beast to cut through, yet a great reward for those greatly intense readers.

The Sea of Trolls This is a fantasy set in a world of magic songmasters, giant trolls, wicked demons, and fearless vikings with names such as Olaf One-Brow- and if that sentence isn't inviting, then you're a martian. This is a comical, yet hard-spirited tale that is mystifying, as well as suprising. This is a great adventure novel, and for the offhand non-commital reader a good treat. In a sea of trolls, you can rarely find a troll as fine as this one. So if size dosen't taunt you, swim on in.

Thank ye fer listening to a chum such as me's ramblings- and a happy day to all whom read this!

Well done, most excellent sir. It's good to have you back; in fact, I've wondered where thou hast been and when thou wouldst return. Dost thou know about our Heroes and Villians festival next Tuesday from 2-4? We could certainly benefit by a visit from such a worthy knight. Though you might have to be careful lest Darth Bill challenge thee to single combat.

All right, back to modern language. I read The War of the Worlds in the 7th grade and loved it. It's sort of a tough read because it's written in the language of 1898, but it's not too bad and it's well worth it. (I'm assuming you mean the H. G. Wells book, Sir Samuel) I'll never forget those awful Martians emerging from their canisters, those terrible machines picking up people, or the main character stuck in a coal cellar with that mechanical tentacle reaching in for him! And it really did seem like human civilization was coming to an end because of the unstoppable Martians. What a book! Get out there and find it, guys! By the way, when I was coming up, we had a group of comics called Classics Illustrated. I think the only one I read was The War of the Worlds. Here's what the cover looked like:

Pretty cool, huh? Every time I read about those Martian destroying machines, this is still how I picture them. Well, keep up the good work, guys!


PS--can you imagine a comic book ever costing 15 cents?

PPS--I hate it, but the Beowulf program has been cancelled for today. Bill's been sick, so he can't make it. Get well soon, man!

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