Monday, January 14, 2008

We're on a Roll!

This is better than great! You guys are really writing in. We're on a roll!

Very funny. We've got a new comment from our new friend Will:

I think the Sea of Monsters is a good book because Percy Jackson goes on an adventure with Annabeth and a new friend named Tyson to go and save Grover from the evil cyclops.

Good job, Will. Come and get your free book. I agree with you on the Sea Of Monsters. I knew that if I kept telling you all about Percy Jackson that you'd like it. Will, you are also in the running for our free T-shirt.
Would you stop with the pictures!!!!!!! I meant that you are are now in the contest to win a free T-shirt from Rick Riordan, the Percy Jackson author. The boy who sends in the most comments, talking about books, by January 21 will win a T-shirt that looks like this:
By the way, the standings now are:
Will--1 enrty
cyber kid 303--3 entries
Anonymous--1 entry
Tyler--1 entry

Still plenty of time! So keep on writing!

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