Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tales of brave Beowulf and other Miscellaneous Nonsense

Hello all my loyal followers out there in Blog Land, it is I Darth Bill once again!!!!! Wait a minute was that a bunny I just saw????? No, thank badness, it was just a rabid squirrel. Just get yourself together and repeat three times: "There is no such thing as a Lagomorph." Yes I feel much better now.

Geezzz, now I got an angry squirrel after me!!!! What the heck did I do?????????

Now, really, on to buisness as unusual. Check out these photographs from the Beowulf Program we had just the other day, it was really alot of fun (and if you get the chance maybe pick up one of the books I recommended from my 1/18/08 posting)!!!

Some of the gang
making paper bag Grendel puppets. Scarry stuff I tell ya!!!!!!!!

Darth Bill demonstrating to the gang that running with Sciccors is cool!!!!!! (um, don't tell your parents I said that, okay)

Beowulf and a Coke. It just doesn't get better than that!!!!(and if your thinking the Coke Company paid me to say that, well I just wish!!!!!)

And now ladies and gentlemen, Grendel versus Beowulf!!!!! (Gee, I always thought Beowulf would be alot taller?????)

And now for something completly different, Book Reviews:

Wild Ride: A Graphic Guide Adventure by Liam O’Donnell and Mike Deas This is a very cool graphic novel about several strangers who are on their way into the deep wilderness of British Columbia to join an environmental assessment team. The group consists of Devlin (10 years old) and his older sister Nadia who are on their way to join their mother who is in charge of the team; teenager Marcus whose father is a famous environmentalist working with the siblings’ mom; and government official Gerald Wiley who is going to determine if the area being assessed is of such a nature to exclude it from being cleared by lumbering and paper company K&N. Things go bad real fast for the group when the plane they are flying in goes off course and crashes in a part of the enormous British Columbia wilderness. The really cool part about this graphic novel is that not only is it a survival story, it actually demonstrates real ways you could survive if you found yourself in such a situation. This is a must read for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors.

The World of Quest: Volume 1 by Jason Kruse – Welcome to the whacked out, dangerous, and just plain strange land of Odyssia. This fun graphic novel starts out with 11 year old Prince Nestor seeking out the aid of the fabled great warrior Quest!!!!! Quest, a former member of the famed Rousters, has been living alone after being banished by Nestor’s parents some 20 years beforehand for unknown reasons. The only problem is that Quest has no interest whatsoever in leaving his home and aiding anyone! In quick succession Nestor finds Quest, Quest ignores Nestor; they are attacked by the Katastrophe Brothers (Khaos, who looks like a bull, Konfusion, who resembles a lizard, and Kalamity, who resembles a vulture) who work for the evil Lord Spite and lots more happens. Got it? No matter, give this graphic novel a whirl, which comes with Bill’s Seal of Approval, for guaranteed laughter and adventure. Nuff Said!!!!!!!

Oh, parting is such sweet sorrow! Until we blog again peace all,


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