Monday, January 28, 2008

Revenge of the Lagomorph

Hi all,

Er, I'm afraid I have just received some disturbing news. Now I know all you readers out there heard my account of the ferocious battle I had with the Scary Bunny in which I acquired a lucky rabbit's foot. If not, check out my last post for the thrilling account (posted on 1-18). Well, um, last week I received the following from the Scary Bunny. Turns out he takes offense to the term Scary Bunny actually, eh, and calls himself "The Lagomorph."

Darth Bill's Nemesis

The Great and Evil


(Don't be calling me no stinking scary bunny)

I may be missing one foot, but I'm bad to the bone and hopping mad!!!!!!!!!! I'll be seeing ya again real soon Darth Bill (Ha, I bet you even made up some fake story about how you really got me foot. Sneaking up behind me and clubbing me over the head, ya Lilly Liveried Coward!! Just watch your back, my friend, I'll be repaying the favor real soon and can hardly wait to have one of your feet as me own lucky charm!!!! Har, Har, Har, Har, Har!!!!!!

First off, as all you know, I never tell a fib--well hardly ever. Okay, maybe half the time, but the rest is all truth; mostly. As to me making up this particular story, well all I can say is, uh: "Did Not!!!!!!!!!" It's true I tell ya, all true!!!!!! Sneaking up and hitting someone from behind, indeed! The very thought that I would stoop to something so low is highly offensive. I know you all believe in me and I have you full support, right???? And another thing, if you think I'm afraid of this here Lagomorph, well, I just want to tell him and all out there, I welcome a rematch of our epic battle!!!!!! I would just request that I be notified a week in advance to, um, make sure I'm not going be out of town (yea, that's the ticket). So bring it on, Lagomorph, 'cause ya don't scare me (much, okay a little, okay a lot actually - oops, did I just say that out-loud!!!!! Na, I'm sure everyone will believe my twisting of the truth and that I am totally cool.)

Now on to some cool reads I have done recently:

Disney’s Pirates of The Caribbean: Jack Sparrow – The Siren Song This is the second book in this series (The first was The Coming Storm that I reviewed back on 11-21-07) about a much younger Jack than we later meet in the movies. In this adventure Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew (actually, his young friends Arabella, Fitzwilliam, Jean, Tumen and a very easily irritated cat Constance) find themselves continuing their quest for The Sword of Cortes aboard their ship “The Barnacle.” Things get very strange right from the get-go for the captain and crew. First, an island appears out of nowhere, followed by an attack by a fearsome sea monster, and then the sound of mysterious music that seems to affect everyone but Jack. What the devil is going on here? Read this adventurous and funny book; I’m sure you won't be disappointed by the answers you find!!!!!!

Avengers and Power Pack Assemble This is one Graphic Novel I have been waiting for with great anticipation. Why, you may ask? Go ahead and ask…(OK--why?)……Because it is a Graphic Novel that not only has Power Pack, the coolest superhero kid team ever (Zero-G, Lightspeed, Mass Master and Energizer); it also includes the coolest adult superhero team ever--The Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Spider-Woman, etc.). This team up is filled with action, intrigue, funny stuff, and of course lots of “Clobberin Time!!!!!!” Enuf Said as the Great Stan Lee would say!!!!

Before I sign off I wanted to share just a few more photographs from our Heroes & Villains Festival that we had on January 22, so here they are:

Some of the guys and girls being shown the Firetruck that the really cool Firemen brought with them!!!!!!!

Some of the fellas rockin out with Guitar Hero!!!

Some of the really outstanding costumed heroes who showed up at the event!!!!!

I'm not sure who this man of mystery is, but my money is on that he is a powerful Sith Lord!!!!!!!

The very cool parade of heroes and villains that we had at the event!!!

One of the enforcers, um I mean volunteers, helping out with the Wii at the event!!!!!!!!!!!

There is lots more to show, but there are just so many photos I can post, so if you participated or attended or did anything, I just want to thank everyone for making the event a success (a big one at that)!!!!!!!

Well that's all folks! Until next time, happy trails to you all,


P.S. I just have to let everyone know that the newest Bone Graphic Novel is out (Volume 7, Ghost Circles). I am about to start reading it, I checked it out from the library, and am very excited about it. Here is a quick peek at the cover:

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