Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Will Speaks Again!

Here we go! Will has sent us three posts today.

I like the Lightning Thief because Percy has a cool pen that can turn into a sword that he calls Riptide.I also like the way he battles with it and that it can't hurt mortals.

I think the book The Name of This Book is Secret is a good book because Cass and Max-Ernest try to help find a magician's brother with a box called the Symphony of smells.

The Fire Within is a great book because David moves in with the Pennykettles but while he's staying there he notices that his clay dragon[It was from Mrs.Pennykettle]starts to come alive and so do the other ones so later on David finds out that they are really helping him from being hurt by the evil sources from the world

Three posts in one day--very impressive, Will. This is so great. Keep it up, everyone!
The competition is really heating up now.

Very, very funny. Here are the standings:

Will--4 entries

cyber kid 303--5 entries

Sir Samuel--2 entries

Melanie, Anonymous, and Tyler--1 entry each

I'll post the standings again tomorrow along with some info about the Heroes and Villains festival. By the way, would you guys do us a favor--would you please include the names of the authors when you post a comment? I try to update our list of books every month and it makes it easier when I know who the authors are. Thanks!


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