Friday, January 18, 2008

Yet Even More From Will and cyber kid 303!

All you guys ROCK!

I mean it. You all rock and roll!! Here are 2 new comments from Will:

The Practical Joke War by Alane Ferguson is a great book because Taffy,Russell,and Eddy want to see who will forfiet first in the battle so they go on a crazy battle just to see who will win and what will happen.

Aliens for Dinner by Stephanie Spinner is as good as Aliens for Breakfast because Richard goes on another world-saving adventure with his alien friend to stop the dorfs from trashing up our planet and then taking it over.

Excellent work, Will! You've really made me want to read them. Now we have one more from cyber kid 303:

The American Chillers series by Jonathan Rand are very good books because they are very, very scary. Some of the best ones are Iron Insects of Indiana, Washinton Wax Museum, and South Carolina Sea Creatures. He has not written one yet about North Carolina. Jonathan Rand is also a really, really nice guy. Mr. Rand and I write to each other and he will directly answer your letters, too. He also has a website at He has a cool store in Michigan called Chillermania.

Very good , cyber kid. This is really close! Here are the standings: (I believe these are correct)

Will--7 entries

cyber kid 303--8 entries

Sir Samuel--2 entries

Melanie, Tyler, and Anonymous--1 entry each

So here's the situation--I will be off the next 3 days because of the weekend and Martin Luther King Day. (The library will be closed that day) Monday is the final day of the contest, so you can keep writing through Monday night. I'll post the results Tuesday (hopefully Tuesday morning) You can come pick up your T-shirt any time you'd like, but if you can get to the Heroes and Villains festival Tuesday afternoon, I'll give it to you then.

All right? Enjoy your long weekend.


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Chris Everheart said...

Hey guys. Groovin' on your blog. Keep up the fun!