Sunday, January 6, 2008

Heroes and Villians - Which are You???

I'm Baaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!

Hi all it is I Darth Bill back from my yearly meeting on Korriban (where the Sith Academy for Higher Learning is located). It was nice to see some of the old crew like Darth Vader, Darth Bane, Darth Maul and many other fellow Sith along with all the promising young students. Well you could imagine my shock upon my return to find out that that on January 22 from 2 - 4 p.m. the library is having a "Heroes Festival." I immediately spoke up and asked: "What about all of us Villains?????" Needless to say after some debate (threats of bopping the head librarian on the head) they saw my side of the story and it was renamed "The Heroes and Villains Festival". I wonder sometime what this place would do without me (sigh). Below are some pictures from the, um (let me assure you in no way, no how were threats or violence implied to anyone), discussions we had with the head librarian.

(Head Librarian with hands up -Can't imagine why? Must be some exercise thing?)

Comic Book Creators – Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Do you like Comic Books? Do you like Graphic Novels? If you do there are two men you need to know about for whom without their involvement in the creation of Comics, the landscape as we know it today of Comic Books and Graphic Novels would be much less interesting. The Comic Book Creators Series has two biographies that have recently come out that focus on two giants of the industry Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Stan Lee: Writer & Creator by Sue Hamilton - Stan Lee, if you have never heard of him, created such comic characters as Spider-Man (with Steve Ditko), The X-Men ( with Jack Kirby), The Hulk (with Jack Kirby), The Fantastic Four (with Jack Kirby), Iron Man (with Larry Lieber), The Avengers (with Jack Kirby), and many, many more superheroes that you probably read stories about and see at the movies now. Stan Lee created Spider-Man with Steve Ditko way back in 1962. He wrote his first comic in May of 1941 (which happened to be a Captain America Comic). He has been everything from a writer, editor, publisher, movie maker to “Chairman Emeritus of Marvel Comics” in his long career in the comic’s field. He is a living legend that all whom love comics should love and respect. Read this book to find out even more about this man.

Spider-Man’s first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15 Aug. 1962 for a mere 15 cents. Today this
Comic Book is valued for as much as $32,00
0. It should be noted that this cover was drawn by Jack Kirby.

Jack Kirby: Creator & Artist by Sue Hamilton - Jack Kirby, also known as Jack “The King” Kirby, was an illustrator of comics who worked with such men as Stan Lee among many others and created such famous comic characters as Captain America (with Joe Simon), The Fantastic Four (with Stan Lee), The Hulk (with Stan Lee), The X-Men (with Stan Lee), The Mighty Thor (with Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby), The Silver Surfer (with Stan Lee), The New Gods and many, many more that you probably read stories about and see at the movies now also. He worked on his first comic around 1938/1939, but his budding career was interrupted as with many Americans, when World War II broke out and he joined the military. Jack Kirby served under the famous General George S. Patton. When World War II was over he returned to illustrating comics. He worked for both giants of the Comic Book Industry Marvel and DC among other companies and is looked upon, even today, as the King of all Comic Book Illustrators. Read this book and be amazed at this man’s amazing and productive life.

Captain America Comics #1, which was the first appearance of Captain America as created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, was first published in 1941 and sold for 10 cents. Today this Comic Book is valued for as much as $80,000.

One last thing I would like to share with you guys is that one of the gentleman, John DaCosta, who performs the Comics Camps we have once a month at ImaginOn has illustrated an Aesop Fables story The Fox and The Crow. Just click on the title to check it out. I think its pretty sweet!!!

Well guys I don't want to overstay my stay, so peace and take it easy,


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