Monday, January 12, 2009

Be Afraid--of Crocks That Is! Be Very Afraid!!

Hello all,
It is I, Darth Bill, once again with a most excellent post!!!! First, I would like to share with you this exciting video I found of a brand new author talking about his latest book. It really looks like a cool book and I will try to find out more about this mysterious author, who identifies himself only as "Crocodile Bill" in the video and the book. But in the meantime check it out:

The Mysterious Author of "When Crocks Attack" Crocodile Bill??

Well that was cool, but now on to reviews of some cool Graphic Novels I have recently finished reading:

Marvel Adventures Iron Man Volume 3: Hero By Design by Fred Lente, Graham Nolan and Scott Koblish - This volume of Marvel Adventures collects Iron Man issues 9 thru 12. Like all the Marvel Adventures titles it rocks!!!! In this collection of stories the focus is on the search for Tony Stark's long lost dad. The first story sets Iron Man up for the hunt. In the second story he both fights and teams up with the extremely cool Spider-Woman. The third story is my absolute favorite because it features the coolest, and perhaps only, Canadian Superhero Team "Alpha Flight." Alpha Flight is made up of: Guardian (Leader of the team who wears an Electromagnetic Power Suit), Northstar and his sister Aurora (both have the power of flight and speed), Shaman (mage and mystic of the team), Snowbird (Shape Shifter), and Sasquatch (big friendly shaggy monster). The last story ties up the search for Tony's father and really does a nice job of completing the story arc. Definitely worth the price of admission!!!!!!

Odysseus: Escaping Poseidon's Curse by Dan Jolley and Thomas Yeates - Well I know we have a bunch of folks out there that love "The Percy Jackson and the Olympians" Series so you may want to check out this excellent Graphic Novel about the Greek Mythological Hero Odysseus. Odysseus was the King of Ithaca and fought in the Trojan War on the side of the victors. It was his idea to build the Trojan Horse which broke the City of Troy. Well this GN is all about his struggles to return home after the war. Unfortunately for Odysseus the Greek Gods Zeus and Poseidon favored Troy in the war and they made getting back home for him very difficult. Some of the challenges he has to face in his journey are the one-eyed Cyclops Polyphemus, the witch Circe, the Sirens who sing men in ships to their deaths, the monstrous six headed Scylla, among others. If you like Greek Myths and well done Graphic Novels, you will love this GN.

And now for something completely different!!!!!!!! Here are some pictures I recently received from the last Comics Camp we had here at ImaginOn!!!!! The next one is scheduled for 1/22/09 from 6:30 p.m. to approximately 8:00 p.m. If you live nearby and are between the ages of 7 to 12 years old, call and register as we still have openings as of now!!!!!!! Check out the picks from the December Event:

Guys and Girls creating their own really cool comics and artwork!!!!!

John DaCosta, one of Charlotte's most excellent local comic book creators, drawing with one of our attendees!!!!!!!

Herc, another really cool local Charlotte comic book creator, helping out the guys (um...I mean girls).

Two of the Comics Camps regular attendees plus (from left to right) Herc, myself and John!!!!! Everyone has a great time at these events, so if you are reading this and think it looks cool and want to attend; well what are you waiting for???? The number to call and register is 704-973-2720.

Well that's all for this time, but just to tease you a little bit, just wait for my next post this Friday where I have a really big announcement to make about a certain Graphic Novel Series and it's author/illustrator that's gonna knock your socks off!!!!!!!!! Here's a hint of what GN I'm talking about:

Stand By For Adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Bruner Boys Beware said...

Dude... watched the video again with Croc Bill and we were just wondering... are there really crocs in the OCEAN?

Anonymous said...

Football book review
"On the Field With...Peyton and Eli
Manning" by Matt Christopher.

After reading this book about the Manning family, I have to say it must have been cool to have a dad like Archie Manning who was a Pro quaterback. He played for the New Orleans Saints. This is one time the saying "It's in the blood" sure seems right. Growing up both Peyton and Eli had first hand experience what it was like before they became pro quarterbacks themselves. This book gives you a look at what it was like growing up, plus cool photos and career stats.

The next book I can hardly wait to get my hands on is the new "Whimpy Kid book The Last Straw".

As for Comic Camp, I heard the rumor that some time soon we're getting a super treat of a visit!!! Hope this is true!