Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who Will See the Movie Version of Coraline and a New One From Brian Jacques!

Sigh. Looks like there'll be another Sith/Jedi war on the blog. Well, OK, boys, go ahead--just don't slice each into so many pieces that you can't type. If it gets too bad, the Great and Powerful CARLMAN will step in once again and bring balance to the Force by getting us all to read another book together.

In the meantime, Anonymous has written to us again:

Are you planning on going to see the animated movie version of "Coraline";even though the main character is a girl?
AND what's wrong with a Sith liking puppies and kittens? They are probably shape shifters and are really wolves and tigers!

Well, I probably won't. Nothing against Coraline or Neil Gaiman, but I'm not a big fan of horror books or movies. (And I really am glad Mr. Gaiman won that award) My brother blogger and reader Rowdy Roddy at the SMS Guys Read blog says it well here. I mean, he literally SAYS it there because it's an audiofile. If you can't download it, check out the original post here.

Anonymous also turns us on to a new book by the great Brian Jacques:

New book review"Doomwyte" by Brian Jacques
Griv and her crow escort emerged into an immense cave. The sight resembled some infernal nightmare from the brain of a madman. High up in the poisonous, mist-wreathed recesses of the vast ceiling, water dripped from limestone stalactites. Heaps of protruding, decayed and yellowed bones were piled up against the lower walls. The centre of the cavern floor was dominated by a large lake. There was an island in the middle of the lake. The centre of this island was a limestone hill, surmounted by a monlithic statue of polished black obsidian. It was a monumental work, depicting a huge raven, with a snake draped about it's neck. Both the face of the raven and the snake above it, contained eyeless sockets.

This is the lair of Korvus Skurr, a huge raven. A smoothsnake named Sicariss serves as his adviser. They are the latest of their kind searching for the two rubies and two emeralds that originally were the "eyes" of the statue. Many, many, years ago Gonff, the mouse thief stole those jewels.Now Bisky, a young mouse, Samolus, his grandunk (grand uncle), Umfry Spikkle, a hedgehog, Dwink, a young squirrel, and various other Redwall characters work together to battle Korvus and his army of birds and reptiles including the dreaded Balissss, the adder.

Will they solve the riddles and find the treasure? In this the latest book in the "Redwall" series you will find adventure, interesting and sometimes frightening creatures, and above all a very enjoyable story. This is one of those "I just can't put the book down" sort of books. This book will appeal to both guys and girls. (In case you have a sister that likes to read.)

Thank you, Anonymous! I know there are a lot of Redwall fans out there. How about it--have any of you read this one?

The CARLMAN, who brings balance to the Force

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