Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Boy Book Wins the Big Award!

Hello guys, the elusive Master Jedi Zack has dug himself out of the piles of books to write again!!!

Every year around this time the American Library Association (sounds like a fun group of folk, right?!) announces the best books of the year in a whole bunch of categories. Normally us Guybrarians see this list shrug and go on with our day, but this year things are different! One of my all time favorite authors, Neil Gaiman, won the Newbery Medal for The Graveyard Book.

Darth Bill wrote about this book in his puppy and kitten post recently. The Newbery Medal is the highest honor librarians give to a children's book, and I must say I'm proud of the choice that was made this year. Read the book!!!


Darth Corder said...

Keep poking with that stick Bub,

"You Know Who Sweaty"

Anonymous said...

Are you planning on going to see the animated movie version of "Coraline";
even though the main character is a girl?

AND what's wrong with a Sith liking
puppies and kittens? They are probably shape shifters and are really wolves and tigers!