Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Presidents By Memory, Sleeping Freshman, and Deadwood Jones Author In Charlotte!!

This is the Formerly Sick and Sneezing CARLMAN writing to you this afternoon. I spent the weekend in bed with a knock-me-flat cold. Whew! It was a rough one but I'm back and feeling better--good enough to say


I am so glad to see a real GUY BOOK win the biggest award a kid's book can get. Congratulations, Mr. Gaiman!

I also came in and found 2 messages waitng for us. First off, Michelle, Aaron's mom has written to us:

aaron can't recite the gettysburg address but he can list all the presidents in order from memory - wanna see? :)

Sure! We'd love to see that. Come on down to Imaginon and let us video you! We'll even give you a prize. By the way, Aaron, did you ever get your free book? We like to take pictures of guys when they receive them.

We also had another good review by cyber kid 303:

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie by David Lubar is an extremely funny book about Scott Hudson, a freshman in high school. He doesn't like the experience of being a freshman, mainly because of seniors who are mean. Then he finds out his mom is pregnant. This is a good book because it is funny.

We're always looking for good and funny books. Thanks, cyber kid!

And now we have some exciting news--Helen Hemphill, the author of the exciting book The Adventurous Deeds of Deadwood Jones will be here at Imaginon on Thursday, February 5, at 11:00 am. She'll speak about her book and about the Old West and have a writing exercise based on pictures of South Dakota. She's done this for lots of kids and they've all had fun. So come on!! Especially you Bruner Boys, since I know you are getting a copy of her book. And all you other guys too!! It'll be in Studio C in Imagionon on Thursday, Feb. 5 at 11:00 AM.

PS--to see my review of Deadwood Jones, cllick here.
PPS--After her talk, we'll present Ms. Hemphill with an Honorary Guy Certificate! Don't miss it!!


flippy said...

the book called the lightning thief is a really awesome book. It's all about this kid named percy is put between this war between posiedon and zues. Zues has lost his prized possesion, the master bolt. So, percy the prime suspect beacause, the gods weren't supposed to have kids so, when zues finds out, poseidon and zues get in a fight, and gods can't steal from other gods so percy is the prime suspect. So percy goes on this adventure to find the real thief. It's a really awesome book:) :)

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