Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We Have A Quick Response!

Hey, evryone, Carl here. Our new friend and fellow reader guy Aaron read the post belowand got his mom Michelle to help put up a review of a Star Wars graphic novel. Let's hear him:

My name is Aaron and I’m 8 years old. I love the book Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures Volume 7. It is like a comic book with 4 stories in it.In one of the stories Padme becomes a spy. It turns out pretty good for Padme in the end.In another story a battle droid tells Obi Wan and Anakin to run, which they did. Then giant monsters attack them. The funny part is at the end of the story when a battle droid tells them to run again. They were sort of (gulp) scared.In another story these three friends rob a bank guarded by clones. They pretend to BE clones so they can steal the money.There’s one story left. A Jedi named Blizzard Swan has a green light saber. He captures a guy with six eyes. The guy with six eyes doesn’t have a name, and Blizzard Swan doesn’t speak a word.
(my mom is using her identity to post this comment)

Thanks, Aaron! I like the Star Wars: Clone Wars graphic novels too. So does my coworker Bill (or Darth Bill, as he likes to be known). I sure Master Jedi Zack out at the Matthews library does too. This one looks really good--I've got to see if the library has a copy. Don't forget to pick up your free book at the Imaginon or Matthews library.
PS--since your mom was so good to help you out, we'll give her the greatest honor we can bestow and make her an HONORARY GUY!!!

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The Bruner Boys Beware said...

Aaron- the Bruner Boys Beware love the Star Wars Graphic Novels too! Aaron and Captain X need to hook up at Imaginon and play the online game together... and read the novels together. It's great to meet other young jedi!