Friday, January 16, 2009

A Gigantic and Most Excellent Anouncement!!!!!!

Hello all in the Land of Blog, it is I once again, Darth Bill with a really cool and special


On April 6 and 7th, that's a Monday and Tuesday, 2009 we will have a very special visitor from the great state of Maine. Perhaps you have heard of him and/or the terrific Comics and Graphic Novels he has out. Okay, no more teasing, here it is!!!!!!!!

Our very special visitor to the PLCMC System will be no other than Jay Piscopo!!!!!!!!

Jay Piscopo with two of his coolest characters Capt'n Eli (left) and Commander X (right).

Perhaps you have heard me or The CARLMAN once or twice (okay a lot) talk about the absolutely greatest Graphic Novel Series in
existence, "The Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli," in which he just happens to be the creator/writer/illustrator. We're not Worthy!!!!!! We're not Worthy!!!!!

<----Volume 1 - The Mystery of Me & The Mystery of the Sargasso Sea; Plus More!!!!!!!

Volume 2 - The Mystery of the Sargasso Sea (continued) & More!!!!!!------>

<------Volume 3 - Coming in 2009!!!!!
(This is not the actual cover, but the ultra extreme Commander X Action Figure)

The Commander X Adventures Online Comic---->

If you have not yet had the opportunity to read any of these awesome stories or want to know more about them Click Here.

Yep that's who will be coming down from Maine to visit us in Charlotte!!!!!!!!

The Overland Adventures of Jay's Visit to Charlotte, North Carolina

Jay lives up here in Maine!!!!!!

We live down here in North Carolina!!!!!

He will be visiting several library locations to talk to kids about his comics and Graphic Novels as well as sharing some drawing techniques!!!! Does it get any better than this????? I don't think so!!!!!!! Keep on the look out for more information on this epic event as they develop!!!!!!!

If some of you out there are not familiar with the: "Were not Worthy!!!!! Were not Worthy" thing above, check out this really cool "Wayne's World" video with Alice Cooper (major rock star and very cool dude like Jay). I hope you think it's as funny as I do.

So one and all, in one voice, let us shout out loud and proud:

Stand By For Adventure!!!!!!
Stand By For Jay Piscopo!!!!

Peace all,

Bill "Otherwise known as Lieutenant Y Official Sidekick to Commander X - um if he doesn't mind that is"

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