Monday, January 5, 2009

Paper Elves, 2 Drummers Drumming, Lincoln Through the Lens, and a Side of "I'm Not Worthy!"

Sigh. Back to school we go. The break was fun, wasn't it? We had a good time here at the Imaginon library. One of our regular guys, Clinton, came with his dad and mom to do some djembe drumming:

Another day we had a Silly Fashion Show, in which we made goofy clothes out of leftover wrapping paper:

One manly man made (I didn't get his name) made himself into a paper elf:

Looky there--not even Legolas could look better!!

Well, school is important, so it's good we go back. In the menatime, we have lots of exciting books to tell you about this year. There's a terrific new one set in the Old West and there's a new one called Mudville about a baseball game that's been rained out for 22 years! This book's so new that it hasn't been published yet! In fact, it will be the first book this author has ever published. I'm hoping that the author will write to us and tell us what it's like to have a book published for the first time. Anddddd--The Demigod Files and The Last Olympian will come out this year, as well as the new Erec Rex and Barmstormers books. 2009 ought to be exciting!!

But I want to talk about a book that Master Jedi Zack mentioned on his 12-29-08 post, Lincoln Through the Lens: How Photography Revealed and Shaped an Extraordinary Life by Martin W. Sandler. Biographies are full of great stories and this one is no exception! Abraham Lincoln lived an incredible life, going from a nobody out in the country to president!! This book gives the story a twist and shows how the "new" process of photography helped him get elected and shped his presidency. There are a lot of great vintage photos here, including some rare (and sometimes grisly) photos from the Civil War, Lincoln's funeral, the Gettysburg Address, and an eerie photo of his second inagural speech--with an insert of John Wilkes Booth watching the whole thing!! This is another good book that's really good because the story is true!!
One last thing. Darth Bill wants to give a great big "I'M NOT WORTHY!!" to the Undersea Adventures of Cap'n Eli author. One very sharp reader, Joe Z., caught Bill saying on that Joe Piscopo, not Jay Piscopo, was the Cap'n Eli author:
Hi guys! Just a quick note to say that The Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli #2 is by Jay Piscopo, not Joe Piscopo. It should also be noted that Jay is way funnier than Joe ;)

Joe Piscopo is the movie actor! Even though he's been in some funny movies, we'd all agree that Jay is much funnier. Please do not be angry with us, oh Jay Piscopo! Bill made an honest mistake. WE ARE NOT WORTHY!!!
What humility!! What honesty!! You have to admire a guy like that.

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