Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Lot of You Write In!

This is GREAT!!! I came into the library and found THREE different people had written to us!! Wow!

The first was from The Bruner Boys Beware, whose book reviews I posted yesterday. They question something Crocodile Bill said on his video of Tuesday (the post is called "Be Afraid--of Crocks,That Is! Be Very Afraid!")

Dude... watched the video again with Croc Bill and we were just wondering... are there really crocs in the OCEAN?

Well---are there??? Crocodile Bill says "yes" but he and I want to challenge you to PROVE him right or wrong. Oh, sure, you could just go to some website and see, but we want you to stretch your brains a bit and see if you find out from a print source. If you can get a BOOK from a LIBRARY and find out and then send us the NAME OF THE BOOK and the PAGE NUMBER (OR NUMBERS) on which you found the info by MONDAY MORNING, we will get you guys a PRIZE!!! PLUS--after you send us your info, you can come to Imaginon and make a video with CROCODILE BILL that presents your findings!! You can come to Imaginon to claim your prize or we will send it over to the Matthews library or even the Mint Hill library. Do crocodiles live in the ocean, especially in Australia? Yes or no? PROVE IT!!

The second message is a comment on a comment. Cyber Kid 303 posted a review of No More Dead Dogs way back on June 10, 2008. I actually posted that review as a comment and I posted it as a full-fledged review the next day. V. White saw that comment and added her response as a comment. If you want to go back to that post to see it, that's great. If not, here's what V. White said:

cyberkid 303,

I think it is one of the funniest books I have ever read! Can you imagine a teacher that would allow students to be that creative and change a play that much? What a wonderful teacher that would be to have.

That book must really be good. Bill called it, "Officially one of the funniest books I've ever read."

And we have one more review; a sports book review by Anonymous:

Football book review"

On the Field With...Peyton and Eli Manning" by Matt Christopher.

After reading this book about the Manning family, I have to say it must have been cool to have a dad like Archie Manning who was a Pro quaterback. He played for the New Orleans Saints. This is one time the saying "It's in the blood" sure seems right. Growing up both Peyton and Eli had first hand experience what it was like before they became pro quarterbacks themselves. This book gives you a look at what it was like growing up, plus cool photos and career stats.

The next book I can hardly wait to get my hands on is the new "Whimpy Kid book The Last Straw".

As for Comic Camp, I heard the rumor that some time soon we're getting a super treat of a visit!!! Hope this is true!

It's true!! Bill will post something Friday. Thanks for sending us a sports book review, Anonymous. We'd like to see more of those. Especially sports biographies. Bios are terrific and I really enjoy them.

Well, keep this up! We love to hear from you.


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