Friday, January 23, 2009

Bruner Boys, Cyber Kid, Star Wars, and The Wednesday Wars

Wow, wow, wow!!! This is AWESOME! The Bruner Boys Beware AND cyber kid 303 have written to us on the same day!! And they're talking to Aaron, one of our new reader guys. So we have some actual dialogue between guys going on here. Very great! And the Bruner Boys sent in not one but TWO messages in one day. Impressive! Let's hear the first one:

YO MAN! Austin here, where is MY VIDEO. I am really excited about what I look like on video. I wonder if I'll be famous on utube. I like utube because it's like ebay. I am a ebay mainac. I mostly search HALO stuff, anyway, back to books. You know I would like to be called CAPTIN X. IF YOU DONT MIND. I got it from commander x. Any way I have dedwood jones on hold, I know it is cool.This week I am finishing Something Wickedly Weird and then finish 39 Clues and go on a roll with Deadwood Jones.

-Captain X aka Austin
ps- thanks for the free books

Yes, sir, Captain X! Crocodile Bill is working on your video (he will explain this to the rest of you dudes later) Why, yes, you could be famous on You Tube one day. Just think, millions of eager fans signing on every day to see what the Amazing Austin (aka Captain X) will say. Eager fans lining your street just to get a glimpse of you!!! Your autograph going for hundreds of thousands of dollars!!!!!

Wait, I'm getting a little carried away. Just remember us when you become a world-wide star and worth trillions of dollars.

The Bruner Boys also had a message for Aaron, who wrote about the Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures v. 7 graphic novel a couple of days ago:

Aaron- the Bruner Boys Beware love the Star Wars Graphic Novels too! Aaron and Captain X need to hook up at Imaginon and play the online game together... and read the novels together. It's great to meet other young jedi!

Come on over, guys. we'd love to sign you up. Just be sure you have permission form your parents to use the internet and that it says so on your library cards. And we'd really love to have you meet and read here!

cyber kid told us about a book that sounds really good:

O.K., the Waynes World video was soooooooooo funny. The book, The Wednesday Wars, was even funnier. I read it for Zach's book club at the Matthews library which is named The Wednesday Warriors. Anyway, it is about Holling Hoodhood who lives in a town where everybody (except him) is Catholic or Jewish. On Wednesday everybody (except him) goes to Catholic or Jewish school. This means he is alone with his teacher. It is set in the 1960's. Everybody has more important things to worry about like the death of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. It is written by Gary Schmidt. Out of ten stars, I would give it eight.

Very good, guys! And very good to you too, Zack, for running the book club. And go back a few days and read Bill's post about a Gigantic and Most Excellent Announcement to see the video cyber kid mentioned.
Keep this good work up, guys!! And all you other reader guys too!! This makes our day!

The Very Excited CARLAMN

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Cyber Kid 303 said...

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