Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The BRUNER BOYS BEWARE on Loser, City of Ember, Maniac Magee, WordPlay Saturday, and Mad Mons

There! I tihink that's officially the longest title we've had yet! This is Carl and we've got a new comment from the BRUNER BOYS BEWARE. It's always good to hear from them.

Bruner Boys Beware have read LOSER by Spenelli... it was interesting, not hard to read and gets your brain thinking about what kind of person you are to other people around you.We have been waiting to read Maniac Magee...We decided to read City Of Ember because it's coming out in a movie. Mom has read it and it's on her favorite list... we read the first chapter and couldn't sleep and then mom got MAD... NOT OUR FAULT!!!CARLMAN! WE WILL SE YOU SATURDAY AT THE EVENT! and we will be looking for the new Captain Eli!

Bill is doing his best to get the new Capt'n Eli out to all you Sea Searchers. He has spoken with She Who Orders Books and found out that the library has ordered copies. It takes a little while to get them and process them, so be patient, adventure seekers. I'm sure one of us will tell everyone when they get here. I haven't read Loser but it sounds good. I hope you get Maniac Magee soon. Go ahead and write about it if you finish it before we do. And now I really want to read City of Ember because so many have written about it lately. But be sure not to incur the Wrath of Mom--Boys Rule and Boys Read in blogland but at home MOMS RULE and DADS RULE!

I've started reading some books by one of our Novello authors, Charles R. Smith, Jr. His stuff is GREAT!! I read one book today called Hoop Kings. They are poems about basketball. Yes, poems!! But this is not your grandmother's poetry!! These are hip-hoppin', movin' and groovin' poems that sound like something from a poetry slam. They are as exciting as a drive down the court when the game's on the line and there are three seconds left! Watch this space, guys--you'll hear more about Charles Smith, Jr.!
He'll be at the Book Brunch Saturday morning form 9:30--11 and will sign books from 11:30--1:00. Don't miss him!

And I'll be looking for you BRUNER BOYS this Satruday. Be sure to introduce yourselves to me and Darth Bill And Master Zack. I might even need your help. Not even the great and powerful CARLMAN can be everywhere and if I'm not around and those Sith and Jedi draw their light sabers, I might need you to step in and save the day!!

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