Monday, October 27, 2008

Learning CAN Be Fun! Especially With Interesting Nonfiction Books Like These

Boys like to find out things. We're just hard-wired that way. We like to take things apart and find out what makes them tick. That's why I've always tried to find good nonfiction books. Not to mention that I know from experience that nofiction is not boring! So with that in mind, here are two good ones that I found recently. They're fun AND contain a lot of useful information, especially for school projects. And you don't have to read them straight through--you can pick and choose the parts that interest you the most. Of course, you could go straight through if you wanted to. Plus, their format looked like good things to read around Halloween, though you could use this information anytime.

Everyone has to do a science project sometime, right? Most of the sceince experiment books Ive seen are pretty good, but this one's a lot of fun! It's written as if it were the secret notebooks of a mad scientist bent on ruling the world. There are lots of good science experiments in here and useful sections after each one explaining the science behind it. The mad scientist's "notes" on how he'll use these experiments to take over the world are actually funny! This is a good one, guys!

Everyone likes DK books, right? Well, here's a real treat. Dr. Frankenstein has invited you into his lab and asked you to assist him in putting together a human body. You'll be done in 30 days. Then, starting at the cells, it expalins what each part of the body is for and where it goes. Really intersting!! I learned a lot reading it. There are lots of good illustations from modern times and the 19th century (Dr. Frankenstein's time) to make this one you'll get a lot out of.

OK, men, get them and I know you'll like them. I sure did!

The great and powerful CARLMAN

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