Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jedi Defense at WordPlay

Hello everyone, Master Jedi Zack here.

WordPlay Saturday was a lot of fun, at least until that dang Sith broke the truce and tried to attack my booth! The evil menace even brainwashed one of our most loyal boys to help him. It is a sad sad day when a Sith tries to take an apprentice of his own. My own Padawan Trish was on hand but was not needed to foil the evil plan.

To make matters worse, Darth Bill even attacked some other boys when he was unable to take over the great Jedi booth! ------->

If you want to see more pictures from the Jedi Cam, I have them on the Matthews Flickr page here.

Now I must get back to defending the galaxy. Goodbye for now.

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