Monday, October 20, 2008

Need a Weird Read for October?

I just finished The Wooden Mile, book one of the Something Wickedly Weird series by Chris Mould. Wow, "wickedly weird" is the perfect way to describe this book! It is about a boy named Stanley who inherits a big old house from a long lost uncle. When Stanley goes to check out the house and village it is in he finds that nobody in town will go out at night and the candy store owner has a dark secret.

If you are looking for a good weird book to read this October (and who here isn't?!), then you should definitely check it out. I can't wait to get my hands on the second book, The Icy Hand.


Cyber Kid 303 said...

Hi, this is Cyber Kid again. I just read "Nightmare at the Book Fair" by Dan Gutman. You may have read some of his "My Weird School" books or some of his sports books like "Jackie and Me." They are all good. Back to "Nightmare at the Bookfair"...In this book, Trip Dinkleman is in the library moving some books in a crate when he drops it on his head. He wakes up in a carnival and is in a scary story, like in a book. This happens again and again, with him living through the stories in different books. The different situations are funny, scary, adventurous, and so on. I don't think the books he lived in are real books, but they were very interesting stories. I won't tell you how it ends, but it'll make your mouth water...or not!

Cyber Kid 303 said...

My mom MADE me read "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving. The story was bad (because it was a love story) and I didn't understand half the language in the book. My mom thinks it is a good way to work on and improve my vocabulary(no!!!!), but no one talks like that anymore. Nothing was scary about it no matter what you might hear. We even watched a 1999 RHI Showcase Hallmark Entertainment production of Sleepy Hollow starring Brent Carver, but it was lame. Mom promises the Tim Burton version of Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp will be better and scarier. I hope so!