Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Comes Early For Darth Bill!!

Beware, all you who have gone to the dark side!! A terrible vengeance awaits you!! Your evil deeds will not go unanswered! Behold the fate of Darth Bill, sith lord extraordinaire. You see him here, cowering before the awful Pumpkin-Faced Beasts of Tattooine's sister planet, Hallow'ine, who appeared in retaliation for his evil deeds in their system.

The appearance of these frightful monsters was so terrible that Darth Bill has disappeared! We know he will be gone for about 10 days, although his whereabouts are unknown. Rumor has it that he fled past the Outer Rim in sheer fright. Whatever the case, he has been editing the video of the Great Battle of Sith and Jedi at WordPlay Saturday and will finish after his return. Until then, heed the words of---

The Great and Powerful CARLMAN

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