Thursday, October 2, 2008

The CARLMAN Speaketh!!

Guys! Guys!! Bill! Zack! This is Carl, the one who is to bring balance to the Force! All this bickering has got to stop!!! It's gotten so intense that one of readers has noticed. Here's what Anonymous said:

YO...We need a mediator here! OR are we waiting for the Great and all powerful NANNAH..... to step in!Certainly THE Carlman will save the day! Of course, if the guys want the most evil plan of the girls to succeed and allow them to divide and win........ I'm just saying........

OK, Anonymous, you are SO right! We need a mediator and that one is me. You've discovered my secret identity as The CARLMAN, so I'll step out of my disguise and reveal my true self and give you two the message--
Honestly, it wasn't this bad with Thor and Loki! And just when we need to stand united and fight off this hostile takeover by mean and sneaky girls! Therefore I will assign you both a task--you must read Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli. It's a book about cooperation between feuding enmies. Might teach you a thing or two. Then we'll all write a joint post about the book--and maybe also about Jerry Spinelli, one of the best guy writers ever! He also wrote Wringer and Fourth Grade Rats, two books that deal with peer pressure and doing the right thing, important issues for guys. (See my post of 8-11-07 to read reviews) Maniac Magee is even better and shows how one guy can make a big difference!

And have you guys out there read that book? Or any others by Jerry Spinelli? Tell us about them! Do it even before the three of us write our joint post. His books are great!
Or tell us about any other books you like. Do you have any books assigned for school? As long as you have to read them, why not tell us about them? Remember, the beloved Valhalla of our blog is under attack! We need every boy we can to write!

Meanwhile, you Sith and Jedi found some things to agree on, like Capt'n Eli and The 39 Clues, so keep the taunting to a minimum, huh? Even though the Darth Daffy was pretty funny---so was the Sith Spelling---and those hilarious insults!!! Ha, ha, aha ha ha!!! Wooeee!! Ummm, wait a minute, I'm supposed to bring balance to...oh, all right, if you have to jab each other, just keep it down, OK????????


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Bruner Boys Beware have read LOSER by Spenelli... it was interesting, not hard to read and gets your brain thinking about what kind of person you are to other people around you.
We have been waiting to read Maniac Magee...
We decided to read City Of Ember because it's coming out in a movie. Mom has read it and it's on her favorite list... we read the first chapter and couldn't sleep and then mom got MAD... NOT OUR FAULT!!!
CARLMAN! WE WILL SE YOU SATURDAY AT THE EVENT! and we will be looking for the new Captain Eli!