Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What a Good Time! And We Hear From Three Friends!

Hello, everyone, this is the great and powerful but tired CARLMAN. Everyone had a good time at WordPlay Saturday, as you can see.

Even though you see Master Jedi Zack in the photo to the left, nobly helping a youngling have fun, some of the guys fell (briefly) under the influnce of the dark side and hung around with Darth Bill. Cyber Kid 303 even helped the sith lord attempt to chase Jedi Master Zack from his tent. We have the whole thing on Sith Cam and will post it as soon as Darth Bill gets past the Borg invasion in that quadrant (Hey, am I mixing up my sci-fi epics here????) As for you noble Jedi, do not fear--I'm sure the dark side effects will wear off soon. Master Zack got some pictures on Jedi Digital Cam and will present his side one day.

It's always good to come back from a busy weekend and find reviews and comments from our firends. It was really good to hear from three of you!! Our first was from Lord Vader:

I just finished my next book in the Narnia series. It was called "The Horse and his Boy" by C. S. Lewis. It was alright, but I wish the battle scene would have been a bit longer. It was a little easy to tell what was going to happen in this one. I can't wait to go onto the Price Caspian book.

Mikie (a.k.a Lord Vader)

We just finished reading that one at home and loved it. Too bad you thought it was only alright. But you'll enjoy Prince Caspian a lot. And wait until you get to The Dawn Treader!!! That's my favorite.

Then I heard from cyber kid:

Viking It and Liking It is one of the amazing books in the Time Warp Trio series with Joe, Sam, and Fred by Jon Scieszka where they get whisked back to ancient viking times. There they meet Leif Eriksson who discovered North America. I like it because it is full of adventure, humor, and history. It is Jon Scieszka's best.

Yes, the Time Warp Trio books are good. Have you read The Not-So-Jolly Roger. It features Blackbeard, who sailed up and down the coasts of North Carolina! Finally, we had another one from the BRUNER BOYS BEWARE:

We had a good time at WordPlay Saturday with Darth Bill. We saw snatches of CAPTAIN VERB (actually pretty funny) and heard storytellers. We checked out a graphic novel on INDIANA JONES and Keagen had finished it before we even left downtown... but he read it twice more. We are half way through City Of Ember and it's getting really good. The scary part was when Lina lost her baby sister in the dark when the lights went out... YIKES! And Dune snuck into the engine room and saw the generator and was upset because it was worse than he thought and has no idea how to fix it. We will let you know more when we finish it this week.

Wow, evryone's tallking about The City of Ember! I might have to drop everyting else I'm reading and pick it up. Has anyone seen the movie? Is it any good? Will you BRUNER BOYS see it after you finish reading the book?

Well, I've still got lots to do before I take my Odinrest. I really want to talk to you all about The Maze of Bones and Charles R. Smith, Jr. but the work of a CARLMAN is never done!

Wait, what's this??????? Darth Bill at MY computer!!!!!! Only a sith would dare approach the desk of the Great and Powerful CARLMAN. Yeah, he said something about this post already being up on the screen and just wanted to take down the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows poll, but who knows what evil he was plotting on MY computer?


That's better. I have much to do. See you guys later.

Bill is just the best. I worship the ground he walks on!!!!!

Hey, who said that???!!!!!!

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