Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Demigod Files (the new Percy Jackson book) and The Maze of Bones

Good news for all you Percy Jackson fans! You don't have to wait all the way until May (when The Last Olympian comes out) to read more fabulous adventures of Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and company. Rick Riordan will publish a book called The Demigod Files in February. It has some shorter stories about Percy's school year (I bet his school year's more exciting than ours!) plus some interviews with the characters. You can find out more by checking Rick Riordan's blog. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!!!!

And since we're talking about the great Mr. Riordan, let me tell you about The Maze of Bones. Some of you have already talked about it and a lot of you know the story, but let me fill you in anyway. Grace Cahill, a unbelievably wealthy old lady, dies at the beginning of the book. Among her relatives are her two favorite grandchildren, 14-year-old Amy and 11-year-old Dan. After the funeral, Amy and Dan are among the few who get to hear the reading of the will. It turns out that these people get their choice of a million dollars right away or the chance to embark on adventures that will make them the richest and most powerful individuals in the world. The two kids hesitate but take the adventurous route--and then you get into thrilling roller coaster ride of a book that slams you back in your seat and doesn't let up until the very end. It's got all the stuff that we love about Rick Riordan's books---slam-bam action, mysterious characters with hidden agendas, secrets that come out a little bit at a time, evil, evil, evil bad guys, and ordinary kids in impossible circumstances. Wow! Wow! I stayed up late because I was halfway through and couldn't stop until the last page. You'll get so caught up in it that you won't want to stop either! We created this blog to tell you about terrific books and this one is TERRIFIC!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

The Demigod Files are awesome!!! Rick Riordan is the best author ever!!! His writing is particularly great becauses it connects the mythological world with the modern world. Rick Riordan is an awsome writer!

Anonymous said...

I dont get it... where does this take place in the series???

Carl said...

Well, the stories in this book don't take place anywhere specifically in the series, except for the last one, The Swaord of Hades, which is definitely between the 4th and the upcoming 5th book.