Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wow! All You Guys Are Quick!

I can't believe this! We've got two reviews already form our good friend Koko B. Ware from the totally rockin' Guys Read blog. The first is about is about Skulduggery Pleasant, a book that Bill reviewed last week. Here we go:

O man that was a GREAT book. The whole concept of a dead guy whos soul stayed around and a girl getting caught up in this "prophecy" of her uncles. My favorite part of this book was when the troll got slaughtered by um um um... well I forgot her name. And how the main girl cahnged her name to Valkry Kain, because she always was "raising cain".

Island By: Gordon Korman

I have just recently finished this book called Island. Its all about how these kids get sent to a "character building" expierience on a boat called "Pheonix". However, low and behold, the ship wrecks, (kind of expected in a book with the cover of kids struggling for life), catches on fire and the ship mate called "Rat-Face" takes the lifeboat and food rations with him. Therefore leaving the 6 kids ( Luke, Ian, J.J., Charla, Will, and Lyssa ) to die. Yet fate has different plans for the, if you may, "lucky" children. The six kids cling on to a raft composed of the roof of the captains steering deck and struggle for life until they reach an island. The, now four kids, two are lost on the voyage" try to find a way off the isalnd by signal fires and the like. One day they see a sea plane pass overhead. When they go to check out the docking place of the aircraft they quickly realize these are not life savers but takers! When Will one of the survivers awakens from the deep grasps of unconsiousness, he goes deep into the jungle in fear, for he thinks the other three are trying to hurt him because he has no recolection of the shipwreck and he believes that he is missing his trip on the sunken boat. He doesn't realize he is in grave danger so he better gain memory or he will possibly wind up as one of the illegal traders, one shot point blank... in the center of the head. Well I could go on and on about this book, but why dont you go check out this book at your library, because the series will provide hours of intense, edge of your seat action and suspense.

P.S. WHERE'S MY FREE BOOK!!! :) :) :)

Thanks, Koko B. Ware! The Island trilogy is just too intense for words! Have you read the other two books? They're even better. Take a look at my review here. All you guys out there, go check out the Guys Read blog. As I said, they rock!!

Where's your free book? Well, I've emailed your fearless leader to ask how I could get one to you. So sit tight and it'll get there. You don't mind if I pick, do you? I can't just go out into the library and pull something off the shelves, but we do have of good guy stuff here in our "prize boxes" and I'll do my best to pick one you'd like.

The great and powerful CARLMAN

PS to cyber kid--I checked that Archers, Alchemists, etc. book. Looks good!


Koko B. Ware said...

Hey Guys,
Thank you soooo much. I cant believe you actually put my post up. Plus the free book, you guys dont know how cool that is. You know we put that little P.S thing as a joke, but hey i'll take a book any day of the week, hence the membership of GUYS READ. Well I think ill keep comin' back to put up more comment/reviews. Keep on posting.

Your friend, from a different part of NC, Koko B. Ware on behalf of the Guys Read book club

Koko said...

Oh yeah,
I am just now beggining the first and third book. Not really the way that the author intended for it to be ready, but hey, im not your average guy. Im Special ;)
Ur club ROX !!!!!!
Koko B. Ware