Friday, October 10, 2008

An End to the Hostile Takeover!!

Yes, boys and girls, you heard me--the hostile takeover of our beloved blog by the girls of Metrolina Regional Scholars' Academy (none of whom are mean or sneaky) has fianlly come to an end. And an honorable end it is, too, for boys AND girls. There's a reason for that, but, first, let's hear what Sophia has to say:

Stuart Little

Stuart Little is written by E.B. White and illustrated by Garth Williams. It is about allittle mouse who is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Little of New York. Stuart makes alittle friend in Margalo, a bird. Then, suddenly, Margalo goes away. Stuart runs away frm home to find Margalo and...Well, I don't think I should tell you everything about this book. I think you would like it if you read it. It's definitely exciting and action- packed. You should read it.Stuart New York with his mom, dad, brother, and Snowbell, a cat.mI think that even if you'd pick it up, you'd soon be absorbed. I think the book is great. E. B. White writes great books. If you like this book, also catch The Trumpet of the Swan and also read Charlotte's Web.

P. S. Guys out there, Im NOT trying a hostile takeover; I'm only doing this to get new books. :)

Very good, Sophia! I read Staurt Little a long time ago and now you make me want to read it again! And I agree on Charlotte's Web. It's one of the best things you'll ever read. A teacher read to us in 5th grade; then I read it again a few years ago and it was just as good then as that unforgettable first time. I haven't read The Trumpet of the Swan, though. Have any of you? Did you lke it?

And I'm so glad that the takeover is gone at last. Boys and girls can read together in PEACE!!! Not only because Sophia is interested only in more books (a worthy goal!) but because there is now A BOOK BLOG FOR GIRLS!!! Yes, our friend and new coworker Ellen has started a new blog called Girls Read Girls Rule (the World). No doubt she was overwhelmed and awesturck by the greatness of the boys' blog, but she also saw a need for girls to have their own place. So we welcome our sister blog and wish them good luck. In fact, Sophia, I'll give Ellen two of your reviews that got earlier this week but was too busy to post. Always feel free to write to us again. And I sincerely apologize to you and any other girls if I said anything that made you angry or hurt your fellings--I didn't mean any of it and was just trying to have some fun.
All right. Hope to see everyone at WordPlay Saturday tomorrow. It will be a great and fun time!! Speaking of hostile takeovers, there are definite rumors that a certain Sith might try a hostile takeover of a certain Jedi's tent tomorrow. If the great and powerful CARLMAN isn't at the scene, I might depend on one of you to keep the peace!!



Cyber Kid 303 said...

Viking It and Liking It is one of the amazing books in the Time Warp Trio series with Joe, Sam, and Fred by Jon Scieszka where they get whisked back to ancient viking times. There they meet Leif Eriksson who discovered North America. I like it because it is full of adventure, humor, and history. It is Jon Scieszka's best.


We had a good time at WordPlay Saturday with Darth Bill. We saw snatches of CAPTAIN VERB (actually pretty funny) and heard storytellers. We checked out a graphic novel on INDIANA JONES and Keagen had finished it before we even left downtown... but he read it twice more.
We are half way through City Of Ember and it's getting really good. The scary part was when Lina lost her baby sister in the dark when the lights went out... YIKES! And Dune snuck into the engine room and saw the generator and was upset because it was worse than he thought and has no idea how to fix it. We will let you know more when we finish it this week.