Monday, October 27, 2008

Wow! That's a Quick Cyber Kid!

Whoa! I posted those last two reviews at 10:45 this morning and cyber kid 303 already has a response.It's about a nonfiction book also!

Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Elenanor Coerr is about Sadako who lives in Hiroshima 10 years after the atom bomb. Her grandmother died in the explosion. Sadako is a track and field runner and is practicing when she becomes dizzy and falls down. Her worried parents take her to the hospital and find out she has Leukemia. Her friend visits her and tells her if she folds 1000 paper cranes she will be well again. All she folds is 644. They did the play at Imaginon and it was just as good as the book. The morale of the story is that all war and bombs are bad, no matter how big. This is a true story that teaches a lesson about peace that everyone needs to know.

Thanks, cyber kid! Nonfiction really is interesting, especially since all these incredible stories are true. I'm glad you liked the play too. The Children's Theatre of Charlotte does some great stuff and I've liked everything I've seen there. They did a killer version of Peter Pan! Now I want to see this one!

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