Friday, October 17, 2008

A Video Interview With Charles R. Smith Jr., One of the Authors at WordPlay Saturday!

Hey, guys, it's Carl and I'm excited that we have a video interview with the totally cool and awesome Charles R. Smith, Jr., author of some of the most exciting poetry I've ever read. Yes, I said poetry! Why would a manly man like the great and pwoerful CARLMAN recommend poetry?? To guys!!?? Becuase these aren't the kinds of poems read by sweet little old ladies at tea parties, These are slammin', jammin', keepin' it real, tell how you feel, jumpnng, pumping, celebrations of life at the max. Which is what poetry is really all about. But rather than listen to me, let's hear to the man himself! (I'm NOT the best cameraman in the world, so I apologize for the shaky photography--and the giant close-up of my face at the beginning!)

What a great interview. I've become a real fan of Mr. Smith. His books are terrific. Here are a few:
Hoop Kings and Hoop Queens---celebrations of some of the greats in the NBA and WNBA

Twelve Rounds to Glory: The Muhammad Ali Story--an epic story of an epic life

The Mighty 12; Superheroes of Greek Myth--the only book I know that compares the twelve Olympians to superheroes! With terrific illustrations by the great Craig Russell, a well-known comics artist! (Pay attention, all you Percy jackson fans!)

I Am America--teling about the wonderful diversity that is our country

If: A Father's Advice to His Son Charles Smith takes some of his own photographs of boys playing sports (he's also a professional photographer) and puts them to an old-but-awesome poem by Rudyard Kipling. It's the best poem I've ever seen about what it takes to be a REAL man. Every guy ought to read this.

Thanks, Mr Smith, for your interview and your great books!

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